Zoo Encourages People To Name Roach After Ex, Feed To Animals

Roomies, are you still hung up on your ex? Well, the San Antonio Zoo is offering a unique way to bid adieu to your past love this Valentine’s Day.

According to CNN, they’ve come up with a creative way that is both therapeutic and environmental: naming a cockroach after your ex and then feeding it to an animal.

The “Cry Me a Cockroach” Fundraiser

Dubbed the Cry Me a Cockroach fundraiser, the zoo, located in Texas, allows you to symbolically name a cockroach after your ex and watch as it gets devoured by various zoo animals.

The “Cry Me a Cockroach” event has been an annual tradition at the facility that seemingly combines humor, pettiness, and, most importantly, one’s love for animals.

To participate in the fundraiser, the zoo has instructed future attendees to fill out an online form before Valentine’s Day, mentioning your ex’s name and choice of sacrificial offering.

The options are a cockroach, a rat, or a vegetable. The prices vary, with cockroaches reportedly costing $10, rats $25, and veggies a mere $5.

Here’s where things get even more interesting. For an extra $15, the San Antonio Zoo offers another unique souvenir: a poop-scented candle.

This unusual item supposedly captures the distinctive odor of Timothy, who’s the zoo’s resident hippo, and his signature scent of hippo poop, per Texas Monthly.

It’s a cheeky reminder of your participation in the event and a great conversation starter.

“Be part of the global sensation and ex-terminate your past and support a noble cause with the Cry Me a Cockroach Fundraiser,” a statement on the zoo’s website read.

“Symbolically name a roach, rat, or veggie after your ex or not-so-special someone and San Antonio Zoo will help squash your past, a true heartbreak healer, by feeding your selection to an animal resident. This fundraiser received international attention last year, this year, it promises to be even more sensational.”

Why Name a Cockroach After Your Ex?

Naming a cockroach after your ex might seem a bit harsh. But let’s not forget that it’s all for a good cause.

The money raised from this event goes directly towards helping the San Antonio Zoo and its efforts in supporting wildlife not just in Texas but globally.

This ultimately means that your donation isn’t just a humorous jab at an old flame – it’s also a valuable contribution to animals in need.

So, if you’re still holding onto that grudge against your ex who left you for that yoga instructor named Chad or that barista named Tiffany, head over to the San Antonio Zoo and get that therapeutic treatment you deserve!

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