21 Savage Accused Of Cheating While Gambling With Adin Ross

Roommates, 21 Savage has folks thinking he’s really living up to his “lying” and “cheating” lyrics on ‘A Lot.’ On Friday (Feb. 2), Savage was in the hot seat on social media over allegedly using “scratched” cards in a betting game with Adin Ross.

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What Happened Between Savage And Adin On The Stream

21 appeared on the streamer’s platform on Thursday night. At some point, they started a card game but made it spicy by betting thousands of dollars. Savage was reportedly down about $400,000, per Complex.

Then, all of a sudden, after Adin stepped to his desktop area for a moment, 21’s friend gestured toward a card. It’s unclear if the rapper picked up the card his mans pointed at. But the card 21 grabbed ended up being a Queen.

Speaking confidently, 21 Savage told Adin to say “dada” before revealing his winning hand. The numbers are all over the place, but posts on X and reports claim that the Queen won 21 about $120,000 and ultimately $250,000.

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But Adin’s viewers weren’t convinced by the flipped luck, though. After they sounded off in the stream’s chat, Ross and another person took a closer look at the card deck. Adin found at least two “marked” cards and called them out on the stream as the rapper re-enters the frame.

Then Savage and Adin inspected the cards together. 21 tells him he’s tripping. Ross responds, “I know you wouldn’t do that sh*t to me,” before checking the rest of the deck. He again confirms that one of the Queen cards is marked. At that point, 21 asked the streamer, “What you wanna do?” They decided to call off their bet from an earlier NBA 2k24 play.

“Listen, imma be honest, chat. It’s not his cards, I know he’s not gonna do that to me,” Adin told his viewers.

But that hasn’t stopped viewers from running back the clips frame-by-frame to try to catch 21 in the alleged act. In one stitch clip, folks on X (formerly Twitter) pointed out Savage’s moves before the game started.

First, the rapper opens a fresh deck on camera, then he seemingly hands it off to someone off-camera, and later, someone hands it back.

Watch the stitched clip below.

Before leaving Adin’s spot, Savage reiterated a few times that it wasn’t an “all good” situation despite Adin saying it was. Ross agreed to send his bank account information to 21 and thanked him for “trying to make it right.”

Again, it’s unclear if Savage brought the cards or if they were provided by someone on his or Adin’s team. Keep in mind that there’s a possibility the entire exchange is a lil’ jokey joke between them.

But Savage hasn’t addressed what happened on his platforms. Meanwhile, Adin kept repeating that the incident was “crazy” and that he had “learned his lesson” about betting on card games. He’ll be sticking to video games, he said.

Earlier this week, Adin Ross was also a topic on social media after Chris Brown joined him on a livestream. The sit-down was all over the place — from Chris teaching Adin dance moves to a freestyle and a 1:1 basketball game.

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