21 Savage Speaks On Drake & Metro Boomin’s “Beef” (VIDEO)

The beef between Metro Boomin and Drake became public in March, and it has dragged ON into May. Several rappers have picked sides and voiced their own distaste for Drizzy from the booth — most notably, Kendrick Lamar and Rick Ross. Now, 21 Savage is clarifying that he wants no part in the tussling!

Here’s What 21 Savage Said About Drake & Metro Boomin

To this day, it’s unclear what broke the bond between former collaborators Metro and Drake. However, based on song lyrics, fans online have speculated that a woman (or several) is at the center of the mess.

Regardless of what’s going on, 21 Savage isn’t picking sides. He recently shared his stance while livestreaming a lil’ karaoke session on Instagram.

“Aye, don’t keep coming on my motherf**king live talking bout no motherf**king beef. Metro, my brother, and Drake, my brother. Them n****s gon figure that sh*t out eventually,” 21 Savage said.

As mentioned, this appears to be the first time 21 has opened up about the ongoing feud.

See an excerpt of 21 Savage’s livestream below. 

What’s Been Going On With Drake & Metro Boomin?

Things heated up when Metro and Future dropped a two-part album and featured Kendrick on the song ‘Like That.’ That led to a series of back-and-forth disses, namely between K Dot and Drizzy.

Metro even dropped what is being labeled online as the first diss-trumental called ‘BBL Drizzy.’ Boomin encouraged artists to use the free beat inspired by Rick Ross’ viral jab at the Canadian star.

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However, early last week, Drake seemed to wave the white flag after trading several diss tracks with Kendrick Lamar. Shortly after releasing his last track, ‘The Heart Part 6,’ his security guard was shot while guarding the gates of his Toronto mansion. Not even 48 hours later, a second intruder was detained while attempting to trespass on the same property.

Days later, a third trespasser was also apprehended.

Drake, who announced that he’s working on “summer vibes” this past weekend, recently shared photos of himself dressed in black from head to toe! What does it mean? That’s unclear, but peep the images below.

Meanwhile, similarly to 21 Savage, J. Cole bowed out from the beef in early April. Most recently, he was spotted living his best life by working on music beachside.

Another of Drake’s “bros,” LeBron James, was spotted jamming to Kendrick’s most viral diss track, ‘Not Like Us.’

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