Alleged Husband In ‘Who TF Did I Marry’ TikTok Series Speaks Out

Roommates, if a 50-part story time wasn’t enough, the ‘Who TF Did I Marry’ TikTok series just got a season two! Now, the man revealed as the husband “Legion” in Reesa Teesa‘s viral story has shared his POV.

Two circulating videos show Jerome JC Rome McCoy accusing Reesa of lying and cheating on him. Meanwhile, sis is planning her first trip to Paris and London!

As we last told y’all, Reesa hooked folks this past weekend with her pandemic-marriage-gone-wrong story time. She gave all the deets on how her husband “Legion” allegedly lied and manipulated her about who he was, his job, his hometown — his whole life chile!

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Man Exposed As Husband In ‘Who TF Did I Marry’ Series Speaks Out

To make a long story short, Reesa chose not to reveal Legion’s identity, but invested followers weren’t playing about tracking him down.

As folks started pointing fingers, a man named Jerome JC Rome McCoy hopped on Facebook and seemingly confirmed he was the husband from ‘Who TF Did I Marry.’ But Jerome alleges Teesa isn’t telling the full story.

“I’m gonna address the rumor, Reesa Teesa ex-wife who straight lying to y’all. It’s sad because it’s completely false. More to the point, I haven’t decided who I’m going to talk to exactly or go on whose page or whatever. But I’m going to go ahead and let y’all know that she lied about everything. Follow her, don’t follow her, that’s up to you. All that stuff she said is complete lies.” 


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According to Jerome, he and Reesa allegedly broke up after she cheated and marriage counseling didn’t help them get over it.

“But my message to her is please stop lying to these people and you can tell them the real reason I left you, you cheated. I caught you in the house with Bradley. We went to marriage counseling, didn’t work and we went to marriage counseling didn’t work and we broke up.”


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Jerome “Legion” McCoy’s Alleged Ex-Wife Calls Him “Vile”

Another character in the ‘Who TF Did I Marry’ mess has also joined the public group chat! She claims to be an ex-wife of Jerome, and backs up Reesa’s claims about his scheming ways.

“…It’s been brought to my attention that my ex-husband is in these streets disturbing individuals as he always has. And I have been brought into this, let me first say this chapter of my life is closed. I have moved on, it’s been more than 10 years…so Legion as y’all call him is a despicable, nasty, and vile individual.”

See her explain why she fell for his “trap” below and allege that he manipulated nad love-bombed her.


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Reesa Teesa Says She’s Headed To Europe

Meanwhile, Reesa Teesa says she’s headed to London and Paris for the first time in her life. Teesa revealed the news on Tuesday, saying she’s so “excited.” It looks like that CashApp tag in her bio and the millions of views literally paid for a take-OFF!


Help me plan!! #reesateesa #reesaineurope #london #paris #fyp

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Her life update comes after she addressed Legion’s exposed identity in the season one reunion ‘Who TF Did I Marry.’ Catch up on that 20-part live HERE.

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