Amanda Seales Tells All In New Interview With Shannon Sharpe

Amanda Seales recently opened up about “protecting” Issa Rae, Emmanuel Acho’s take on Angel Reese, and her autism diagnosis.

The comedian sat down for the latest episode on Shannon Sharpe’s podcast ‘Club Shay Shay’ and sent many shots in several directions.

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Amanda Seales Speaks On Being Diagnosed With Autism

After Shannon asked the 42-year-old how she was doing, she stated, “That’s a loaded question.”

Amanda expressed that she is “evolving” and has received “a lot of information and a lot of slander at the same time.”

She continued, “In the past month…it’s just been a very like difficult time, but there’s been really beautiful things that have come out of it…”

The actress shared that she had a recent diagnosis, which has helped her understand herself and life better.

“I was recently diagnosed as someone who has autism spectrum disorder which is very difficult to identify in black women because of racism,” Seales said.

She continued, “What it typically means is that your brain functions in a different way, so you’re neurodivergent. And you also have certain tendencies that are considered outside of what the neurotypical way of things is.”

She added, “And a lot of times that can have you present in a manner that people misrepresent, which is the story of my f******* life.”

Amanda’s Issue With Issa Rae

Amanda also discussed the incident where she was kicked out of the Black Emmy’s party. Vanessa Anderson, Issa Rae’s publicist was one of the people who planned the party. Seales alleged she put her on the list that banned her from attending, causing her to be ejected.

According to Seales, Issa called her a couple of days after the event and stated she heard what happened and wanted her to know “I have nothing to do with it. Would you be willing to talk to Vanessa?”

The host wanted more support from Issa.

Amanda said Issa’s “role” in Hollywood and Black America “is very important so I’ve always protected” her.

Amanda claims that there have been several instances where she should have been “protected by Issa but wasn’t.”

 Seales Calls Out Emmanuel Acho

Additionally, the actress criticized sports analyst Emmanuel Acho’s commentary on Angel Reese. As previously reported, the former NFL linebacker took a hot take on Angel Reese’s emotions during a press conference after LSU’s loss to the Iowa Hawkeyes.

Amanda called him a  cornball a** n****” for attacking Angel Reese because “she’s a young person.”

“Do you know how disgusting that is?” she asked Shannon.

Seales said Acho wanted to be the “White people’s savior.”

“Talk to me White people I’m the Black guy that’s nice. Cut it out. It’s ridiculous,” she quipped.

Check out the snippet below:

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