Angela White Talks Joint Custody, Derrick Milano Marriage Plans

Things are continuing to look up for Angela White, who reveals she now shares 50/50 custody with Tyga and Rob Kardashian

After a series of negotiations and legal battles, White, formerly known as Blac Chyna, gleefully shared the news in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

Blac Chyna’s Custody War Is Over

The arrangement would seem a significant milestone for White, who’s been on a life-changing journey since last year.

She admits to having fought through numerous hurdles and is elated to have finally reached this stage.

“We have structure. I think structure’s key,” Angela told the publication in an exclusive interview. “I fought my way through it. It’s done. I’m so excited. You have no idea,” she added, relieved to be putting any former custody disputes behind her.

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The socialite believes that stability is everything and that having a strong foundation will trickle down positively in every aspect of her life. “[It’s working] splendid. I’m in a better place, my kids. Having a structure for me and stability for me, is everything for me. Now everything else is going to trickle down because our foundation is strong.”

The custody battle was not about financial gain for White, who clarified she never wanted child support from her exes. It was about her own desire in getting to spend more quality time with her children.

Marriage Plans With Derrick

Meanwhile, amidst undergoing a personal transformation, Chyna found love in songwriter Derrick Milano.

The couple, who’ve known each other since 2019, officially started dating back in September when they went public on social media. And things appear to be going so well for the pair that marriage and children have already been the topic of discussion between them.

According to White, their family has been jokingly pressuring them to take the next step in their relationship, and Milano seems more than ready.

“I’m out here wanting to date to marry,” he said. “Her heart is number one. Just outside of her just being a giving person, the love that she has for not only herself but the people around her, but the love for her goals, her passions, her career is different. She’s consistent in everything.”

Milano says he definitely sees himself proposing to White somewhere down the line, and that having kids together was “definitely” something they’d been thinking about.

White’s focus is not just on her family and love life, though, but also on her ongoing spiritual growth.

She became a born-again Christian after being baptized in her backyard pool last year.

White has quit OnlyFans and taken out her facial fillers among other cosmetic procedures that she believed were harming her body.

The ‘Can’t See Me’ artist says she desires to be a person her children can look up to and aims to live a healthy life, enabling her to enjoy her future grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

“I feel like the only time I’ll have to get surgery again is if I have our babies,” she added. “I actually had two C-sections, so that’s the only surgery.”


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