Angela White, Tyga’s Guests Sign $500K NDA For Son’s Baptism

Guests looking to attend the forthcoming baptism of Angela White and Tyga‘s son, Cairo, won’t get to share the experience on social media. In fact, doing so could cost them $500,000!

Strict Rules At The Baptism Service For Tyga And Angela’s Son

According to Page Six, the exes are enforcing some strict rules at the 11-year-old’s christening, having sent out NDA agreements to those expected to be in attendance. The report states that they filed the legal document on Tuesday (December 26), asserting that they will inspect the personal belongings of anyone present for Cairo’s purification to the Christian Church.

White and Tyga have the right to confiscate any phones and other electronic devices upon their arrival. Docs also state they could confiscate Apple Watches that attendees bring to the baptism service. Furthermore, the ‘Rack City’ rapper, with whom White recently resolved her custody dispute, does not allow any guest to make a “disparaging statement oral or written” about him.

The number of expected attendees remains unclear. However, anyone deciding to record and share moments from the private event should brace for a $500,000 fee.

Angela White Was “Reborn” Last Year

White decided to have Cairo baptized just over a year after doing the same on her 34th birthday. Angela shared a photo wearing a white gown, where a priest joined her to perform the ceremony.

“I was reborn on my birthday 5-11-22 🙏🏽” White said in an Instagram post in May. It marked the one-year anniversary of her baptism.

Despite the money that came with being on OnlyFans, per PEOPLE, her pursuit of inner peace and happiness began when she turned to God. White’s faith journey has reshaped her perspective on life, and she now seemingly hopes it’ll do the same for her children.

The internet personality openly acknowledged that the subscription platform generated a comfortable income, but she felt that she was doing a disservice to herself by spreading a certain message to her impressionable fans.

Additionally, she didn’t want her own kids to see this way of living as normal, because she hoped to demonstrate to them that it’s never too late to start a new beginning.

Angela Explained Why She Turned To Religion

In an interview with TMZ Live, she candidly spoke about why she felt it was important to make the change and breathe life into a newer, sophisticated, and God-fearing version of herself.

“Honestly, I just got sick and tired of being sick and tired,” she shared. “I just honestly wasn’t living my life right and I was just attracting all this negativity. I wanted to honestly dig deep and really see like ‘What’s my purpose? Like why am I even here? Why am I here on Earth?’ and just really find myself.”

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