Josselyn Morris Shares Update On Relationship

Josselyn Morris is opening up about her and Jaidyn Alexis‘ relationship status. As The Shade Room previously reported, the pair appeared to have sparked a romance earlier this year amid Alexis’ previous partner, Blueface, being behind bars.

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Josselyn Morris Shares Her & Jaidyn Alexis’ Relationship Status

On February 20, a video was uploaded on a YouTube channel called “Whet Had Happened Was BLOG.” Additionally, the clip appeared to be recorded from a livestream initiated by Morris.

In the clip, Morris seemingly confirmed that she and Jaidyn Alexis’ romance is no more.

“Do you think you and Jaidyn will be back together?” Morris read from a live stream of chat feedback and questions. “Uh, no. I do not.”

The clip then cuts to Morris explaining how she feels about her and Alexis’ split.

“Am I sad about it? I’m sad about the friendship, for sure,” she explained. “[But] everything else is cool.”

Morris went on to share that she mainly wants Alexis “to be happy.”

“Cause at the end of the day, like, I just want her to be happy — I’ve said that in interviews. I’ve said that whenever people have asked. I just want her to be happy. And if that’s who makes her happy, then who am I to fight?… I’m happy for her, period.”

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Although Morris didn’t disclose “who” is the new person making Alexis happy, fans seemed to share their ideas in the live chat. Based on Morris’ response to their thoughts, it seems many didn’t feel Alexis’ new or rekindled romance would go well.

“You don’t know that,” Morris responded. “I hope that she does get treated right ’cause she really does deserve it, honestly. She’s genuinely a really cool and nice person… So I really don’t wish that on her.”

Before concluding on the matter, Morris reitereated that she hopes Alexis “gets treated the best.”

“I hope she gets flowers; I hope she gets everything she deserves cause she really does,” Morris continued. “She deserves everything. She’s a great mother, a great person and she deserves, absolutely, the world. So I hope that she gets that.”

Morris ended her statements by explaining that Alexis doesn’t want her in her life, so she has to “respect that.”

Jaidyn Alexis Recently Visited Blueface In Jail

Morris’ livestream comments appear to have arrived a few days after Jaidyn Alexis paid her former boo, Blueface, a visit in jail. As The Shade Room previously reported, Alexis and their son Javaughn visited the rapper on February 16.

At the time, she shared an update on how Blueface was doing.

After the visit, Alexis also took to X, formerly known as Twitter, with a message referencing Blueface.

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