Angela Yee Reacts To Jess Hilarious Becoming New Co-Host

Angela Yee is reacting after Jess Hilarious was revealed as the new co-host of ‘The Breakfast Club.’ As The Shade Room previously reported, Yee departed from the radio show in December 2022 after a 12-year run.

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Angela Yee Reacts

Earlier this week, a video clip was posted to the official Instagram account of Yee’s current radio show. The show is called ‘Way Up With Angela Yee.’

In the clip, the 48-year-old is seen hosting her show in the studio. She begins by telling listeners that she wanted to “shine a light” on Jess Hilarious.

“Alright, well, today I think we should shine a light on Jess Hilarious for joining ‘The Breakfast Club.’ You know, she’s got her own podcast. She’s a comedian. We know her from ‘Wild N’ Out.’ We know her from her ‘Jess With The Mess’ [comedy sketches] — she’s an actress as well.”

Ultimately, Yee ended her statements by saying, “Congratulations to her.”

“I know it’s not an easy job,” she said before laughing.

Watch Yee’s full sentiments below.

Social Media Weighs In

Social media users entered The Shade Room’s comment section to share their reactions to Yee’s statements. Many applauded her for “positively acknowledging” Jess Hilarious.

Instagram user @chriswilliamsii wrote.

“I want the female rappers in the game to have this energy”

“This is so dope ❗️🔥❤️”

Instagram user @jojo.emale wrote. 

“I love how she positively acknowledged her taking her place. This is how you pass the torch♥️”

While Instagram user @iam_baegoals added.

“Sweet. That’s what’s up. No shade heard. 🤌🏽🤌🏽👏🏽✨✨✨✨”

Instagram user @tessybeee wrote. 

“That’s very mature of her, love to see it ❤️”

While Instagram user @weezywtf added.

“I LOVE this! @angelayee has no hater vibes in this clip, she’s doing her own thing, passed the torch, and I can’t wait to see them collab one day. This energy is is beautiful”

A Brief Recap Of The Radio Show’s Search

As The Shade Room previously reported, Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy had been rotating guest co-hosts since Yee’s departure in 2022. However, in December 2023, Jess Hilarious went viral after announcing she secured her spot on the show.

Her announcement was then followed by public confusion after January came without an official announcement from the radio show. Additionally, Jess Hilarious had not returned to the platform to guest co-host.

That month, Charlamagne and DJ Envy sparked more conversation by sharing their confusion about the show’s selection process.

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A few days later, TMZ caught up with Charlamagne, who explained that he thought 2024 would start with the show having a new co-host. However, “that hasn’t happened yet,” he explained.

From there, the public wouldn’t see an interaction involving Jess Hilarious, Charlamagne, and Envy until she referred to them as “trash” for comparing Mary J. Blige and SZA, per The Shade Room.

Furthermore, the comedian’s comments left some people believing she was on bad terms with the radio hosts.

“Didn’t get the job now she want to trash the company, they were just your brothers,” Instagram user @thisisnotkory wrote in The Shade Room’s comment section at the time. 

However, earlier this week, Jess Hilarious was announced as the official new co-host for the show. At this time, the comedian nor her co-hosts have opened up about the previous confusion. However, Jess Hilarious has taken to Instagram to thank her fans for their support.

Check out the clip she shared below.

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