Bobby Shmurda Calls For An End To Domestic Violence (WATCH)

Bobby Shmurda has some words for men who choose to abuse women. This comes amid the viral video of Diddy putting hands on Cassie in 2016 in a hotel hallway.

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Bobby Shmurda Calls For An End To Domestic Violence

On Friday, May 17, Bobby Shmurda came through with a PSA for his Instagram followers.

The rapper delivered a serious message through a video, where he said, “Enough is enough, guys. You gotta stop beating the b******.”

Additionally, Shmurda asked, “Why would you put your hands on a female bro, especially when you are a multimillionaire?”

Bobby further explained that domestic violence drives him crazy, and people need to be mindful of the example that they are setting for the generations to come.

“Y’all OdEeeeing. Nah yall N***** is moving dusty this s*** gotta stop. Ain’t no female worth yah freedom and ladies it should be no amount of money worth your respect. I seen one of my fav celebrities do some straight dayroom s*** smh (Prevention Before Cure) #PBC young bulls these been day room a real one won’t ever you don’t see us in those positions leave before you beat the #shmurdaphilosphy,” Shmurda captioned the post.

Watch Bobby Shmurda’s comments below. 

Social Media Reacts To Shmurda’s Statement

Bobby’s statement was met with a lot of thoughts and opinions. The Roomies immediately jumped in The Shade Room comment section.

Instagram user @rsmitty247 wrote, “Bobby ain’t been this serious since he threw that fitted cap in the air.”

While Instagram user @mhoytia wrote, “Abusing somebody’s daughter while having daughters of your own is wild.” 

Instagram user @savvce wrote, “Who cares how he’s saying it? What’s important is the message. We gotta stand with women at all times.” 

Then Instagram user @yellamelanin wrote, “Hey, his heart is in the right place that’s all I’m saying.” 

Instagram user @wickbetterr wrote, “It should be no amount of money worth your respect! HOPE YALL HEARD HIM.” 

Instagram user @jusbmore also wrote, “PROTECT OUR WOMEN ESPECIALLY OUR BLACK QUEENS.” 

Is Bobby Taking Shots At Diddy?

Bobby didn’t drop any names in his video, however he did mention that nobody should put their hands on a woman especially when they are a “multimillionaire.”

As mentioned, Bobby’s message and video coincidentally landed just a few hours after new surveillance footage showed Diddy assaulting his ex-girlfriend Cassie.

According to CNN, the footage is dated March 5, 2016. Although Bobby Shmurda has yet to name a specific person, a few celebrities, including her husband, Alex Fine, have started to step forward to defend Cassie.

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