Boosie Reveals Upcoming Wedding Date In Court Appearance

Boosie has revealed an important upcoming date for his and his fiancée, Rajel Nelson. According to Courthouse News, the 41-year-old revealed their wedding date during his latest federal court appearance.

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More Detail’ Regarding Boosie’s Latest Court Appearance

According to the outlet, Boosie has been ordered to make no contact with his fiancé since the beginning of his federal gun case in June 2023. On Friday, January 12, the rapper appeared via phone for his latest court appearance at the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California.

The proceeding discussed a motion Boosie reportedly filed on Thursday, January 11, asking U.S. District Judge Cathy Ann Bencivengoto to modify his no-contact order.

“This is his fiancée who he lives with. This seems like a fairly serious curtailment of his personal rights. And I’m not quite sure what the basis of it is other than the sort of vague assertion that she may have evidence,” the judge reportedly explained per Meghann Cuniff’s Legal Affairs and Trials.

Judge Bencivengoto adds that Nelson was not a witness to Boosie’s case and was not present during his initial arrest in relation to his gun charges.

However, the prosecution disagreed.

“We vehemently oppose that,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Wheat said.

The U.S. attorney reportedly convened with the judge to explain that the prosecution has “security concerns.” The judge ultimately imposed another 60-day order of no-contact between Boosie and Nelson.

Boosie Reveals His Upcoming Wedding

The outlet adds that Boosie’s request will be granted if the prosecution expresses no other objections after 60 days. The rapper, however, reportedly weighed in at this point of the proceeding.

“Can I say one thing?” he reportedly asked, per Cuniff’s report, adding that he and Nelson are scheduled to marry on April 1. “Me and my fiancée was having a wedding. Do I need to set it back?”

Boosie’s lawyer reportedly encouraged the rapper to remain silent and not add further sentiments to the court record.

However, Judge Bencivengoto explained that if a “singular event” occurs amid the couple’s no-contact order, Boosie can “certainly ask for the court to allow communication.”

At this time, Nelson has not publicly confirmed an engagement or upcoming marriage to the rapper.

To note, in 2021, during an interview with VladTV, the “Wipe Me Down” rapper denied previous engagement rumors circulating around him and Nelson.

A Brief Recap Of The Rapper’s Gun Case

As The Shade Room previously reported, Boosie appeared in a San Diego court for an ongoing gun case on June 14, 2023. At the time, his charges were dismissed.

However, upon his exit from the court, the rapper was arrested by federal agents.

Later that month, it was revealed that federal agents arrested Boosie due to him being spotted with a gun while on Instagram Live. The clip of the rapper was reportedly recorded on May 6, 2023.

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As The Shade Room previously reported, the rapper’s attorneys have alleged that he is being “targeted because he’s a wealthy, successful Black man.”

Courthouse News reports that the next hearing in Boosie’s federal gun case, which is headed for trial, has been set for mid-February. At this time, the consequences of the 41-year-old’s charge remain unclear. However, Cuniff notes that repercussions could be “much more serious punishment” for the father of eight.

The reporter notes that the rapper has allegedly had three felony convictions since 2011.

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