Candace Owens Criticizes Ice Spice’s ‘Fart’ Single

It’s fair to say that Candace Owens is no Ice Spice fan, having sounded off on the rapper for releasing her new song.

The New Yorker dropped her latest track, ‘Think U The Sh** (Fart),’ on Friday (January 26), and while it’s storming up the charts, some people are questioning the surprising lyrics.

Candace Owens Criticizes Ice Spice For Her Explicit Lyrics In New Song

“Think you the sh*t, b**ch? You not even the fart. I be going hard, like?”

Ice raps over a catchy beat produced by none other than Riot, of course.

While the song is steadily climbing up the charts, however, Owens has spoken out to share her thoughts on the single and the state of music in general.

During a recent episode of her podcast, the controversial activist expressed her disappointment as she questioned Ice’s creative value as an artist.

“If you’re wondering whether or not it’s a good song, what do you think? It’s called ‘Think U The S**t (Fart).’ Now I think we can all admit that we’ve fallen as a society,” she said. “I mean, I wouldn’t say that was Mozart or Beethoven.”

Owens argued that the social media hype surrounding the track is unwarranted and urges a better approach to general music consumption.

She drew comparisons between Ice’s hit and Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘WAP,’ which Owens described as “disgusting.”

Candace Partially Blames The Media For Promoting Such Songs

But her real issue appears to be with the media, who she accuses of convincing people to like records that lack substance and artistry.

Instead, they convince their audience that songs like Ice’s latest release are “magical,” she continued.

“I’m not all of these mainstream media publications that routinely run to defend this kind of music similar to what they did with ‘WAP,’ the most disgusting and filthiest lyrics I’ve ever read. They will then sit down and write an article trying to convince you that what you just heard was magical, and they did this with this Ice Spice song.”

Owens stressed that the explicit lyrics and provocative themes in songs like Ice’s track contribute to the degradation of society.

While the ‘Munch’ rapper hasn’t directly responded to Owen’s remarks, she did sit down for an interview on ‘Today with Hoda & Jenna’ earlier this week.

During the conversation, Ice revealed that she will release her debut album, ‘Y2K,’ sometime this year, per PEOPLE.

While she hasn’t locked in an official date yet, she did confirm that her upcoming project will include some collaborations, one of which she secured just days before the interview.

“I have a crazy collaboration that just got locked in, like, two days ago,” she revealed.

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