Ja Rule & Fat Joe React To Ashanti & Nelly’s Rekindled Romance

One thing about Ja Rule and Fat Joe, they gon’ show Ashanti some love! The singer and her rekindled relationship with Nelly have been all the talk since the two went public last fall. Now, the big bros are weighing in on the pair spinning the block, and finding love with each other again!

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Ja Rule spoke on Ashanti and Nelly during a recently released episode of the ‘Tamron Hall Show.’ He told the host he was “not really” surprised by the rekindled romance. Ja suggested his girl Ashanti “wanted” Nelly back.

“So [Ashanti] and my wife, they do their ha-ha ki-ki-ing, right? And so, you can tell sometimes when women want that old thing back,” Ja Rule said.

When the crowd exploded with laughter, he made it clear he didn’t “wanna blow sis up.”

“But the chemistry was there. And I think for both of them, it came back quick. So I think they missed each other. The way they clicked just came back so fast.”

Ja then joked about it being “spin the block season.” Later in the guest appearance, he revealed how he’s always had Ashanti’s back with a powerful example.

“I’m in a position to pay it forward,” Ja said about putting other people on. “I’ve always been that artist, even with my sister Shanti, when I did ‘Always On Time.’ Gotti was like, ‘Let’s put Alicia Keys on it, let’s do Beyoncé. He wanted to get other artists that were big at the time and we were doing songs with everybody. I’m like, “Let’s get sister, she’s right here, she’s in the studio, she’s new, she been putting in the work. We put her on the record and the rest is history.”

Watch Ja Rule’s full commentary below.

Fat Joe Says He Needs 10 Percent Of Ashanti & Nelly’s Baby

Meanwhile, Fat Joe commented on Ashanti and Nelly’s romance during a live session. Joe briefly joked about a topic the couple has yet to comment on: rumors that Ashanti is expecting their first child together.

In December, Ashanti and Nelly fueled rumors of a bun in the oven when they rubbed her stomach on-stage at his foundation event. US Weekly also added to the talks with an exclusive report about the alleged pregnancy via a source. But the couple has steered clear of the conversation online.

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Meanwhile, Fat Joe made it clear he wants 10 percent of their little one — if and when they have a child. In the circulating clip, Fat Joe said he recently spent time on Facetime with Ashanti and Nelly and mentioned the pregnancy talks to them. He jokingly took credit for their rekindled love story and their future child but didn’t share Ashanti or Nelly’s response to his comments. However, he said that the rumor was “just a rumor.”

“I immediately tell them I need 10 percent of this kid because if it wasn’t for Verzuz that I brought Nelly out, me against Ja Rule. That’s when they saw each other, and that energy connected again. That’s when he said I gotta have her.” 

Watch snippets of Fat Joe’s comments below.

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