Candace Owens Is Fired From The Daily Wire

Candace Owens and the right-wing news outlet The Daily Wire have parted ways.

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More Details About Candace Owens’ Firing

According to CNN, the chief executive of The Daily Wire, Jeremy Boreing, took to X, formerly known as Twitter, on Friday, March 22. Boreing shared that the company and Owens “have ended their relationship.”

An hour later, Owens took to X to share the “rumors are true.”

The rumors are true— I am finally free,” she wrote. “… There will be many announcements in the weeks to come.”

The outlet reports that Owens appeared to ruffle feathers by repeatedly criticizing Israel for committing “genocide” in Gaza in the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict. Additionally, Owens reportedly alleged there was a “small ring” of Jewish people in the White House with “quite sinister” plans.

CNN adds that in November 2023, Ben Shapiro — co-founder of The Daily Wire — called Owens out for her “disgraceful” comments. In response, Owens seemingly criticized Shapiro, explaining that one “cannot serve both God and money.” Ultimately, Shapiro responded to Owens’ words by letting her know she was free to walk away from her position at any time.

Earlier this week, Owens spoke about her and Shapiro’s exchange while appearing on ‘The Breakfast Club.’

Swipe below to watch and see the pair’s exchange.

Then, on Thursday, March 21, Owens accused the Anti-Defamation League of running a “network of smears” against her in a series of tweets on X.

Social Media Reacts

Social media users reacted to Owens’ firing in The Shade Room’s comment section.

Instagram user @bene_blessed wrote,Still waiting to see the antisemitism? I feel like that word get thrown around a lot lately with no proper context”

While Instagram user @djballrandle added, “‘At the end the day…? The day gotta end…. ‘”

Instagram user @bekaygrace wrote, She didn’t promo anti semitism. She spoke on the genocide happening in Palestine. She advocated for the innocent lives being lost in Gaza.”

While Instagram user @altonkiing added, Not a day later after she said Ben Shapiro doesn’t have the power to fire her, she’s fired.”

Instagram user @miamitip305 wrote, “She went on the breakfast club to get fired 😂 it was her plan”

While Instagram user added, I’m convinced the Candace haters never even listened to her! She not always right (no one is) but she makes a whole lotta sense most of the time .”

Instagram user @mayor1914 wrote, Sorrows sorrows prayers prayers”

While Instagram user @neainstars added,You can never make me feel bad for Candace 🤷🏽‍♀️”

The Commentator Recently Went Viral For Her Statements On Interracial Marriage

As The Shade Room previously reported, Owens went viral earlier this week after explaining why she married George Farmer, a white man. Owens explained that she believes “the greatest thing ever is when people come together on the basis of who they love and get married.”

The 34-year-old explained that she never thought of her husband “as a race” or their children as “mixed.”

“I married the person that it made the most sense for me to marry,” she said. “…It was difficult for me to find a partner that was a challenge to me… with my same interests… I fell in love with my husband just because I think he is one of the most brilliant people ever. I love him very much, and the stuff that we talk about, there’s no other person I could have married.”

Watch her full explanation below.

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