Chaka Khan’s Daughter Alleges Diddy Screamed At Her Mother

Chaka Khan‘s daughter, Indira Milini, recently took to Instagram to rejoice over Diddy‘s woes.

Indira revealed for the first time that the Bad Boy Records founder allegedly disrespected the living legend by “yelling and screaming” at her.

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What Chaka Khan’s Daughter Said

Indira hopped into Diddy’s comment section on Instagram. She commented under his public apology for assaulting his ex-girlfriend Cassie — whom he did not name-drop in the video.

Indira wrote, “I’m glad this is happening to you. You got in my mother’s face and publicly disrespected her, yelling and screaming like a lunatic…”

Milini then alleged that during the incident, Diddy’s security assaulted her younger sibling. It’s unclear what year or where this incident occurred.

“When my little brother tried to get you out of my mother’s face, your security jumped my 19-year-old brother,” she stated.

Chaka’s daughter shared her elation that the award-winning producer was being dragged publicly for his actions.

These may be your dark days but I’m singing and dancing watching your demise,” she added. Indira ended the comment by tagging her mother, stating, “isn’t it great mom.” She also included laughing and dancing emojis.

Meanwhile, Chaka Khan has yet to confirm or deny this incident occurred.

Roommates React To The New Accusations Against Diddy

The Roomies weighed in on Diddy allegedly poppin’ off on the icon.

@krysprettyklear asked, “How tf you on bad terms with Chaka Khan????” The comment received over 20,000 likes in agreeance.

@dose.ofjaz stated, “Diddy lawyer might as well retire at this point.”  To be clear, Milini made no indication whether she or Chaka Khan had plans to sue Sean Combs.

Other Roommates surmised that those close to Diddy have firsthand knowledge of his alleged erratic behavior. @kieth_rondell quipped, “I know Mary J got some secrets hidden in them boots.”

However, some commenters weren’t rocking with Indira’s statement. @ohmami.xo wrote, “She will never be blessed. Never kick someone while their Down 2 wrongs never produce a right.”

Check out more comments and Indira’s allegations below:

New allegations seem to emerge daily against the now-controversial hip hop mogul, including a new lawsuit filed this week for an alleged 2003 assault.

Chile, Diddy’s PR team has to be in shambles!

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