Charlamagne Claims No One Cares About Kanye Rapping

Charlamagne Tha God recently stated that music listeners are no longer concerned with Ye’s raps.

HotNewHipHop reports that ‘The Breakfast Club’ host made the statements during an appearance on the ‘Flagrant Podcast.’ His viral comment came amid their discussion about the public’s reaction to Ye’s Drake diss track.

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What Did Charlamagne Tha God Say?

As previously reported by The Shade Room, rappers Kendrick Lamar and Drake were going head to head in a rap beef. Several other rappers, including Rick Ross, created diss tracks that got the public’s attention. Metro Boomin’s diss-beat even got a warm reception. However, there was little acknowledgment of Kanye’s diss over the ‘Like That’ beat.

Charlamagne stated, “Nobody cares about Kanye rapping in 2024.” The 45-year-old’s comments followed host Andrew Schulz’s question, “Is it over for Kanye?” The 45-year-old continued, “If Kanye would’ve” hopped in a similar beef “10 years ago,” the response would have been significantly different. Charlamagne argued that the interest in the Chicago rapper’s music has faded.

However, Kanye’s banger, ‘Carnival,’ reached number one on the Billboard charts in March. His last chart-topping hit was 13 years ago in 2011. The rapper was featured on Katy Perry’s track, E.T. Moreover, Kanye sat on top of the charts for his song ‘Stronger’ in 2007.


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Social Media Reacts To Charla’s Comments

Commenters under The Shade Room’s Instagram report gave their opinion about the author’s hot take.

“Saying that “no ones cares about Kanye rapping’ is a stretch especially since her last album did well on Billboard. We just don’t care about him beefing on wax. Kanye is still a very relevant artist tho,” the comedian Tony Baker stated.

“@Kanye literally was #1 on the Billboard 200 and the Billboard 100 WEEKS ago.. charlamgane says whatever when he gets around white people,” @skylarossfelton added.

“@dajahs shared, “Ye got his own fan base just like everyone else. Lol they care.”

@robsmithonline believes that there is a conspiracy to crash Kanye’s career. “They’re trying to cancel Kanye because he doesn’t hold the Correct Opinions but Kanye is pure culture and you can’t easily get rid of that,” he surmised.

Other Roomies warned the radio host to expect Ye’s wrath.

@lirisc said, “Kanye finna ta respond in 5,4,3,2” 

“He finna dawg you to the ground,” @drhnii agreed.

@thelorinking defended Charlamagne’s spicy opinion, stating,“I don’t wanna hear nobody talking bout ‘he tearing a black man down’ cause Kanye himself was tearing black people down.”

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