Charlamagne Tha God Shares Reaction To Wendy Williams Doc

Charlamagne Tha God and the cast of ‘The Breakfast Club’ have shared their reactions to the ‘Where Is Wendy Williams?’ documentary. As The Shade Room previously reported, the documentary initially aired on Saturday, February 24.

Additionally, it showcased intimate moments in Wendy Williams’s life, including her recent medical diagnoses and alcohol addiction.

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‘The Breakfast Club’ Weighs In On The Wendy Williams Documentary

On Monday, February 26, footage was uploaded to the official YouTube channel of ‘The Breakfast Club.’ In the clip, host Jess Hilarious, DJ Envy, and Charlamagne Tha God weighed in on the TV series.

Jess Hilarious explained that the documentary took her through a “rollercoaster of emotions.” Meanwhile, Charlamagne Tha God explained that he felt there was “zero reason for this documentary to be released.”

“There was absolutely zero reason for this documentary to be released, if you ask me,” he said. “Like, I don’t even see the purpose at all. I guess it’s raising awareness for people who have different forms of dementia, but I don’t see how anybody who loves Wendy would want this documentary out.”

At that point, DJ Envy chimed in. He explained that another possible reason for airing the documentary could have been to bring awareness to Williams’ guardianship.

However, he explained that upon additional thought, he decided this couldn’t have been the case.

“At first, I was like, maybe they want to expose the guardian and say she shouldn’t be the guardian. But then you look at it, and you’re like, y’all are allowing Wendy to drink on there. Y’all showing her a side where it looks like maybe she does need a guardian because the people that’s in her life, I don’t know if they have her best interests at heart.”

As the conversation continued, Charlamagne explained that it was “strange” to see Williams be separated from her family and given a guardian.

Charlamagne Tha God Continues To Share His Thoughts

Charlamagne ultimately explained that the documentary “felt very exploitive” of Williams.

“I don’t care if it’s the family. I don’t care if it’s Will [William’s manager],” Charlamagne explained. “All of you are dead wrong for having those cameras in that lady’s face… I don’t even know what they were trying to tell us… And… the network too — Lifetime too, why would y’all want to put that out there?”

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Wendy Williams’ Family Member Recently Shared An Update On Her Condition

As The Shade Room previously reported, Williams has yet to view the documentary herself. Producers of the documentary have alleged that the 59-year-old is currently receiving treatment at an undisclosed facility.

According to US Weekly, Williams’ brother, Tommy, recently shared an update regarding her condition.

“When I speak to Wendy she sounds fine. Wendy has improved,” he explained. “I know my sister from where she was to where she is now, and she has a substantial amount of improvement. It’s dialogue and conversation, topics, content, speech pattern, everything.”

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