Crystal Renay Shares How She Found Ne-Yo Cheating (Video)

Crystal Renay is spilling the tea on how she discovered her ex-husband Ne-Yo was being unfaithful during their marriage.

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Here’s How Crystal Renay Discovered Ne-Yo Was Cheating

On Thursday, April 11, ‘The Breakfast Club’ published an interview with Renay and Usher’s ex-wife Tameka Foster via YouTube. During the sitdown, Ne-Yo’s ex-wife opened up about how she discovered his infidelity.

Renay explained that, ironically, she made the discovery through one of Ne-Yo’s past appearances on the radio show.

“Well, what’s funny is, it was ‘The Breakfast Club,’” Renay explained, clarifying that this occurred before Jess Hilarious joined the show and while Angela Yee was still a co-host. “Remember when y’all asked him the question, would he be okay not knowing if his partner cheating? He was like, ‘I would live in a blissful bubble.’”

Ne-Yo’s ex-wife explained that his answer didn’t sit well with her.

“‘Uhn uhn, something ain’t right. Is that how he wants me to think?’” she recalled telling herself at the time.

Renay went on to explain that that same day, she found “everything” she “needed to find,” and when she confronted the singer, he had “no choice” but to admit his wrongdoing.

Watch Crystal Renay share the story below and swipe to see Ne-Yo’s original comments.

Social Media Reacts

Social media users entered The Shade Room’s comment section to share their reactions to Renay’s experience.

Instagram user @sarkimberly wrote,If you pay attention, most people tell on themselves 💡💡💡”

While Instagram user @the.shandawg added,Here come all them men trying to justify their lack of self-control proclaiming they were created to cheat and just built that way 😂”

Instagram user @tattoomanpaige wrote, All men cheat in SOME FORM !.. we are literally genetically built that way and monogamy is a TAUGHT thing and also a choice…”

While Instagram user @monicabuford_ added, I’d rather choose to be single than to deal with somebody playing in my face. I don’t care how much money they have. 👎🏾”

Instagram user @iam_baegoals wrote, Marriage is hard. That’s all I got”

While Instagram user @ebonerose_ added, You can NOT mess with a woman’s intuition.”

Instagram user @tiarasoboojie wrote, Maybe I’m naive but I don’t believe all men cheat and I applaud her for being brave enough to leave and not live in misery. I won’t be with a man that cheats on me just to say I got a man!… “

A Brief Recap Of The Pair’s Divorce & What Ne-Yo Has Been Up To Since

As The Shade Room previously reported, Renay and Ne-Yo finalized their divorce in February 2023. At the time, the pair had reportedly been married for seven years.

In the settlement, Ne-Yo was reportedly ordered to pay Renay a one-time lump sum of $1.6 million per TMZ. Additionally, Renay walked away from their union with one of their four homes in Georgia and $20,000 in moving expenses.

Ne-Yo was also ordered to pay Renay $150,000, so she could purchase a new car and $12,000 a month in child support.

Lastly, the singer was ordered to pay Renay $5,000 a month in alimony payments until 2026.

Amid the finalization of their divorce, it was speculated that Ne-Yo not only fathered one child with a woman named Sade Bagnerise — but two, per The Shade Room. Then, in May, Ne-Yo appeared to confirm reports when he filed to establish paternity of Bagnerise’s two youngest children.

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In June 2023, Bagnerise revealed that she apologized to Renay for the role she played in her and Ne-Yo’s divorce, per The Shade Room.

Since then, the singer appears to be embracing the single lifestyle. Most recently, in March, Ne-Yo went viral after photos and videos surfaced while he was vacationing with two women in Jamaica.

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