Donald Trump Sells ‘God Bless The USA’ Bibles for $59.99

Donald Trump is attempting to tap into the Christian market as he is now selling bibles.

According to the Associated Press, the former president is selling the religious text for nearly $60.

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During Trump’s run for the presidency of the United States, he has faced several criminal charges and lawsuits.

The 77-year-old recently caught a break in his fraud case. On Monday, an appellate court reduced his bond from $464 million to $175 million.

But is he still in need of a way to pay the expense?

Trump Promotes The Expensive Bibles

The presumptive Republican nominee reportedly took to the Truth Social platform to market the expensive bibles. Trump wrote, “Happy Holy Week! Let’s Make America Pray Again. As we lead into Good Friday and Easter, I encourage you to get a copy of the God Bless the USA Bible.” He directed his followers to a site that sold the text for a whopping $59.99.

Social Media Gives Their Two Cents

The Roomies weighed in on his effort to roll in more dough.

“People play with God too much…” @smoknnjingerr wrote. His comment garnered more than 17,000 likes.

@ms_tee2u added, “Anything to manipulate the MAGA Christians.”

Another commenter, @blessed_n2_unbothered, surmised Trump’s motive for selling the books.

“To pay for his legal fees after falsifying business records to cover up hush money payments after committing ADULTERY,” she wrote.

@mscynthiamiller joked, “And they buying it. He did say he loved the uneducated.”

@aldrenmccullar quipped, “Alright Jesus I think we ready. You can come back now.”

Donald Trump’s ‘God Bless the USA’ bibles are reportedly inspired by one of singer Lee Greenwood’s songs. The former Prez takes the stage at his rallies as the patriotic song plays in the background. Additionally, he has appeared at the country singer’s events, per the AP.

This could help the politico pay down his mounting legal bills. He has already forked over a $92 million bond linked to a defamation case filed by E. Jean Carroll. The writer accused the politician of sexual assault.

Are you copping one of Trump’s bibles?

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