Dr. Phil Reacts To ‘Where Is Wendy Williams?’ Doc (Video)

Dr. Phil is weighing in on the ‘Where Is Wendy Williams’ documentary. As The Shade Room previously reported, the two-part Lifetime series aired over the weekend, focusing on the recent events in Wendy Williams’s life.

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Here’s What Dr. Phil Said About The Wendy Williams Documentary

On Monday, February 26, Inside Edition released an exclusive interview with Dr. Phil. During the sitdown, the TV star opened up and shared his thoughts on the ‘Where Is Wendy Williams’ doc.

A question from the interviewer prompted the conversation.

“Do you feel like Wendy is being exploited?”

Dr. Phil replied.

“I’m not sure that it’s necessarily in her best interest at this point.”

From there, Dr. Phil went on to reflect on the “few” moments he had contact with Williams when she wasn’t at her best.

“There were a few times she reached out and contacted me — I had a lot of compassion for Wendy. She was really struggling.”

The 73-year-old then concluded his thoughts on the matter by explaining that he thinks Williams “has fallen on hard times now.”

Social Media Users Have Continued Sharing Their Thoughts

Furthermore, many social media users appear to agree with Dr. Phil’s sentiments. Over on X, formerly known as Twitter, users haven’t stopped sharing their thoughts on the two-part documentary since it aired on Saturday, February 24.

Here’s What Steve Wilkos Previously Said

As The Shade Room previously reported, fellow TV host Steve Wilkos also shared his thoughts on the ‘Where Is Wendy Williams?’ documentary. On Sunday, February 25, the 59-year-old took to TikTok to share an almost two-minute video on the matter.

Additionally, the on-screen caption of the clip read, “Heartbroken for Wendy Williams.”

When he began speaking, Wilkos explained that he’s a “huge fan” of Williams and loves her. However, watching the documentary “disturbed” him, and he doesn’t think “it does any good” for Williams.

“But what I watched last night on that show disturbs me because I don’t think it does any good for Wendy. It doesn’t make her look good,” he said. “She obviously has big-time struggles, medical conditions, and addiction. And what they’re showing is somebody is not protecting her.”

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