Drake Offically Removes Song Featuring Tupac Shakur’s Vocals

Drake has officially removed the ‘Taylor Made Freestyle’ from social media. As previously reported, the track featured Tupac and Snoop Dogg’s AI-generated vocals.

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Billboard reports that the Canadian rapper took the step after Tupac’s estate requested that he remove the record in 24 hours or face a lawsuit.

Although the song was not on streaming platforms, it was scrubbed from social media. It was noticeably missing on Thursday, April 25 from the rapper’s Instagram page, where he first teased it.

Tupac’s Estate Was Playing No Games

As previously reported, Tupac Shakur’s estate wasn’t in favor of the 37-year-old using the late rapper’s voice.

Howard King, the estate’s attorney, said Champagne Papi would never have gotten their “approval” to use Pac’s vocals. A letter was sent stating that the track should be removed from all social media, per Billboard.

The letter stated Drizzy’s diss record was “a flagrant violation of Tupac’s publicity and the estate’s legal rights.”

Furthermore, the correspondence stated the song was a “blatant abuse of the legacy of one of the greatest hip-hop artists” to ever live.

It appears that Drake didn’t want any smoke and subsequently deleted the song before the 24-hour limit passed.

Roommates React To Drake Deleting The Record

Social media gave their two cents about the Grammy winner’s use of Shakur’s vocals.

“So basically Tupac and his estate is still winning rap beef’s decades after death… fot it,” @babydollcode commented.

@bighomieflea expressed how he never really cared for the record writing, “S*** was corny anyway.”

Another Roommate, @mikeisso0, surmised what would have happened if Drake had been sued. He wrote, “So that means he would have lost in court…damn.”

“Tupac dead and said hell nawww,” @iknowwhereiwanttoeat quipped.

@apetmdella is not feeling music that is created with artificial intelligence and praised Pac’s estate for their stance.

“Thank god and 2pac’s estate, we gotta stop supporting AI in music,” she wrote.

Check out more of what social media thinks about the disappearance of ‘Taylor Made Freestyle’ below:

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