Drake Sends A Message On Social Media Using A Movie Clip

Drake posted a clip from ‘The Equalizer 2’ on Friday (May 3) to send a message amid his beef with Kendrick Lamar.

The Canadian rapper took to Instagram to post a scene from the film where the main character threatens to kill his enemies.

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As previously reported, Kendrick posted a second diss track today entitled, ‘6:16′ in LA.’ Social media seems to think the video clip is a response to the record.

In the movie scene, Robert McCall, played by Denzel Washington, is standing in the middle of a suburban neighborhood talking with four men. He threatens, “…I’m gonna kill each and every one of you, and the only disappointment in it for me is that I only get to do it once.”

The wife of one of the men and their children exit a home and walk to the family van. She exchanged pleasantries with Denzel’s character before he scammed his way into a ride.

“Dave said that you could give me a lift to the station…” McCall says although her husband, one of the men he just threatened, never made the statement.

Then, the clip abruptly ended.

Social Media Reacts To Drake’s Post said, “Kendrick got him looking at his whole team as opps.” 

@xomaurie said, “see the difference…he posts memes and clips, Kendrick gets in the booth, lmao wrap this up, drake lost.”  

“your lil memes is loosing steam. We figured you out,” @tobstarr said quoting Kendrick’s lyric from the second diss song.

“Aubrey posting memes because he waiting for all the ghost writers to turn in they rough drafts,” @badlandsbadman wrote.

@theseductresss commented, “He so corny to me 🥴 idk, is it just me or naw?”

Drake followed up a few hours later with a photo of what appeared to be yellow caution tape. This could be another reference to the Denzel clip or a shot at Ross’ private jet allegedly making a crash landing in Texas on May 3, per All Hip Hop.

Rozay recounted the incident and tagged Drake in the post. He said, “Come on, White boy…”

Additionally, he referred to the ‘Push Ups’ rapper as “BBL Drizzy.”

Ross ended the video, “We safe everybody.”


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