Ex-Wife Is Seeking Restraining Order Against Him

Tyrese‘s ex-wife, Norma Mitchell, is reportedly seeking a restraining order against him.

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Here’s What Led To The Recent Legal Action Between Norma Mitchell & Tyrese

On Wednesday, May 1, Tyrese took to Instagram to share a carousel post with a lengthy caption. In the message, Tyrese explained that “as soon as a man goes public about the abuse and trauma inflicted on him” by women, they are “shamed into silence.”

“I’m past that…,” he added. “Did you tell my ex to be more private in 2017 when her accusations rocked my life, my career, my marriage and every opportunity imaginable that was in motion was killed instantly? After a FULL TRIAL in 2017 with her testifying over 120 LIES was documented UNDER OATH… Did you shame her into silence? No! I’m done living my life in fear of what she might accuse me of next…”

The singer went on to accuse Mitchell of committing “extortion, death threats, blackmail, tax evasion,” and domestic and international wire fraud. Additionally, he alleged that Mitchell hadn’t paid their daughter’s school tuition in three years.

Furthermore, the singer even accused his ex-wife of being negligent toward their daughter.

“OVER 25k in the rears 167 pages of the full on court documents link in bio ]… Imagine giving yo BM 11k a month and she refuse to get your own daughter’s hair and nails done?  Imagine a COURT ORDER that states we’re supposed to be 50\50 on school tuition and she’s missed 3 FULL YEARS of payments?”

In his post, Tyrese also shared court-ordered documents shared by Mitchell and him.

Check out his post below.

However, Tyrese’s public words about his ex-wife didn’t stop there. Earlier this week, he returned to Instagram to share another video of himself. In the caption, he explained that he is in a “bad place” and is “living in fear” of Mitchell.

“Still living in fear of my ex [ Norma ] and what new vile shit she’s going to once again say or accuse me of in response to my 167 pages filed in the courts,” he wrote before listing his other personal grievances.

Check out his additional post below.

The Singer’s Ex-Wife Sends A Lawsuit His Way

Mitchell apparently caught wind of the singer’s allegations against her. According to TMZ, the singer’s ex-wife filed a defamation lawsuit against him on Tuesday, May 7. The suit was reportedly filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

The outlet reports that Mitchell is accusing Tyrese of disclosing private information about their daughter, Shayla. The suit asserts that Tyrese also shared a Google Drive link when he shared his posts about Mitchell. The link allegedly gave the public access to their court documents, which contained “Shayla’s school and other personal details.”

Additionally, Mitchell’s suit accuses Tyrese of “slamming” her with a “cruel barrage of derogatory and defamatory posts.”

“slamming Mitchell with a cruel barrage of derogatory and defamatory posts, including false accusations she has committed blackmail, extortion, death threats, tax evasion, forgery, bank fraud, wire fraud, and money laundering,” the suit reportedly asserts.

Lastly, Mitchell’s suit against the singer is requesting that he pull the Instagram posts down immediately.

Norma Mitchell Reportedly Requests A Restraining Order Against The Singer

Mitchell’s court requests for Tyrese didn’t end there. According to TMZ, on Thursday, May 9, the outlet learned that Mitchell requested a temporary restraining order against Tyrese.

The request is reportedly not only for herself but also for their daughter, Shayla.

Additionally, Mitchell is requesting that a court bar Tyrese from speaking about them online and asking that the judge make the singer pay for therapy sessions related to his recent outbursts. At this time, it’s unclear whether the therapy sessions mentioned are for Mitchell herself or for her and Tyrese’s daughter.

TMZ reports that a judge has yet to rule on Mitchell’s restraining order request.

At this time, Tyrese has yet to react to the reports regarding him and his ex-wife.

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