Faculty & Students Arrested On Emory University’s Campus

A peaceful Pro-Palestinian protest at Emory University turned ugly after police violently arrested activists.

According to Fox 5 Atlanta, individuals gathered on Thursday (April 25) to show their support for Palestine. However, they were subsequently met with tasers, tear gas, and pepper spray.

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Protesters Vs. Police

Protesters were both faculty, students, and non-students. The group reportedly consisted of “multiple Atlanta universities and community members,” Mondowiess reports. Individuals set up tents and signs on the lawn of campus located in Decatur.

The officers told the protesters they had 60 seconds to leave or would be arrested, but the people stood their ground, per FOX 5. Chaos ensued. Officers from the Georgia State Patrol and Atlanta Police Department used force to get the crowd to disband. Some individuals were tased, and others were hit with pepper spray. Tear gas was also used. Some female protesters were seen in tears as their wrists were zip-tied. Additionally, a male was carried from the campus by three officers.

Both faculty and students were arrested, but it is unknown how or if they will be charged. Protesters gathered around transport vehicles that held others who had been detained. After the police left, protesters gathered in different areas on campus.

Why Did Protesters Appear On Emory’s Campus?

According to Mondowiess, the individuals convened not only to show their support for Palestine but to protest the Atlanta Public Safety Training Center, which many refer to as “Cop City.” Protesters stated Emory was selected for the meeting grounds because the institution has allegedly attempted to silence students who oppose Israel. In addition, activists allege the school reportedly supports the Palestinian genocide and the new police facility. Protesters claim ‘Cop City’ is linked to the Srali Urban Warfare Training Center, which is also called “Mini Gaza.” This facility allegedly received $45 million in American funds. Activists claim the training centers will test tactics that will be used against marginalized people. This includes Palestine, in addition to Black and Brown communities in Atlanta.

The activists stated they are “demanding total institutional divestment from Israeli apartheid and ‘Cop City’ at all Atlanta colleges and universities.”

The University Speaks

The vice president of the University of Communications at Emory University released a statement regarding the protest.

It read, “Several dozen protesters trespassed into Emory University’s campus early Thursday morning and set up tents on the Quad. These individuals are not members of our community.”

The statement continued, “They are activists attempting to disrupt our university as our students finish classes and prepare for finals. Emory does not tolerate vandalism or other criminal activity on campus. The Emory Police Department ordered the group to leave and contact Atlanta Police for assistance.”

Watch the police forcibly remove protesters below:

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