Flau’jae’s Brother Released After Arrest For Tussle At SEC Game

Flau’jae Johnson is in the headlines after her brother jumped to her defense during a brawl at the SEC Championship game this past weekend. Authorities charged Trayron Milton and arrested him on Monday (March 12). Per an update from his sister, Milton is out free.

As previously reported, LSU’s Flau’jae and South Carolina’s Kamilla Cardoso and Ashlyn Watkins were involved in the confusion during the fourth quarter!

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What Did Flau’Jae Johnson’s Brother Do?

Amid the chaos, Milton leaped onto the court over the barrier wall and scorer’s table. The 24-year-old reportedly pushed down an SEC employee’s head and stepped on her shoulders as he did that, per The Post & Courier.

He also “briefly made contact” with Kamilla Cardoso, per ESPN. During the tussle, Kamilla reportedly rushed Flau’jae and shoved her to the court floor.

Flau’jae’s brother wasn’t the only spectator who leaped over the barrier. However, officers were able to stop the other two people and remove them from the arena. Police did not charge them.

Meanwhile, Trayron Milton faces charges of disorderly conduct and third-degree battery and assault.

Brother Is Out Of Police Custody

Flau’jae hasn’t commented on her brother’s arrest. However, late Monday, she shared a video on her Instagram Story showing her brother was no longer in police custody. He was seen walking to a waiting vehicle with a child in one arm and a stack of papers in the other.

The post was timestamped with 3:42 p.m. local time in Greenville, South Carolina. She added J. Cole’s song, ‘Love Yourz’ to the post.

Milton did not speak in the clip. However, Post & Courier reports that Trayron posted about the tussle on X when it occurred but has since removed his comment.

He allegedly wrote, “LSU VS SC always gonna be a game man I’m in this arena throwing stuff.”

The next steps for Flau’jae’s brother remain unclear at this time.

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