Florida Cops Declare Jim Jones’ Escalator Fight “Self-Defense”

Jim Jones and his WWE moves are all good as far as Fort Lauderdale authorities are concerned. Earlier this week, a video surfaced of the rapper body-slamming a man on an escalator following a confrontation.

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Despite the place of the incident being the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, no one is expected to face legal repercussions, per TMZ. Jim and the two men reportedly do not want to press charges.

As previously reported, the viral clip showed Jim Jones sending a man flying down an escalator before sliding a few stairs down himself. At the end of the staircase, it was a two-against-one fight until multiple officers from the sheriff’s office pulled up and separated them.


Investigation In Jim Jones Brawl Found THIS

The video shows Jimmy yelling “self-defense” and claiming that the men jumped him. TMZ reports that cops sided with Jim’s story after reviewing surveillance footage.

Apparently, the incident between the three men reportedly began on the plane after Jim stood up to collect his belongings before the aircraft stopped. He was reportedly seated in first class.

Another passenger, James Dos Santos, confronted him and pushed him in the chest for using the overhead compartment before the plane was still. James allegedly pushed Jim Jones in the chest, and the rapper reacted by grabbing his arm and giving James a warning.

Santos apologized, but another guy named Alexander Lekht reportedly started yelling at Jim from his seat. Deputies were called to the gate, but Jimmy refused to report the interaction. However, Alexander wanted all the smoke and reportedly followed Jim Jones to baggage claim, tormenting him with “jerk motions.”

After Alexander kept poking at Jim on the escalator, things escalated to the scene shown in the video above. He was the man Jones gave that WWE work! Lekht ended up in the hospital with bloody lacerations to his head.

Also, a 94-year-old bystander was taken to the hospital for leg pain after catching some stray injuries from the fight.

Jim Jones spoke out via social media following the incident. However, he only asked for time to prepare for a club hosting. He never circled back to detail the story above.

His longtime partner Chrissy Lampkin still hasn’t spoken out about her boo bringing the paws out at the airport. Auntie recently went viral after sharing pictures of her 53rd birthday glow!

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