Rotimi Responds To Criticism Of “Thirst Trapping” Video

Rotimi is setting social media users straight while responding to their criticism of a sultry video he recently shared.

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Here’s How Things Popped Off

Earlier this week, Rotimi took to Instagram to share a short reel. The clip featured him in a robe, walking toward the camera with a pool in the background.

Additionally, the video was accompanied by background audio of his recent R$B release, ‘Date at 2AM.’

Furthermore, Rotimi also posed a question for viewers.

“If you saw me like this 🫣 what’s your first thought or your first question for me ?…” he wrote.

Check out the sultry clip below.

Social Media Presses Rotimi About Being A Married Man

Social media users immediately flood the singer’s comment section with questions about his wife and his respect for her.

Instagram user @str8_mawd wrote, “So confused as to how u don’t see this disrespectful to your wife”

While Instagram user @noitskenyatta added, “Um where is your wife😂😂”

Instagram user @livelovesellatl wrote,I’m so glad we all think thirst trapping while in a relationship is tacky… sir go play with your family!”

While Instagram @dope_sauce_ added, “Where’s ur wife? That’s my question cuz nope”

Instagram user @priscilla.laurice wrote, A married man seeking attention and validation from other women is CRAZY 😂”

While Instagram user @kwamelowe.44 added, So happy to see all the women in support of your wife. Boy get off social media sir . They about to roast you .”

Rotimi’s Responds

Rotimi definitely caught wind of social media users’ sentiments and hopped into The Shade Room’s comment section himself. The singer seemingly confirmed that his partner, Vanessa Mdee, was aware of the clip and even recorded it herself.

“Just for argument sake lol …. Who do yall think recorded the video,” he wrote in an initial comment, followed by laughing emojis and a second comment. “Yall are comedy 😂😂😂 … 😭😭 a brother can’t walk in slow motion anymore 🤣”

Additionally, it appears Rotimi isn’t cappin’ either.

Around the same time the singer posted the video, Mdee took to Instagram to share a photo. The flick featured her at what appears to be the same spa where Rotimi’s video was recorded.

To note, although fans have referred to Mdee as Rotimi’s wife, it remains unclear when or if the two have tied the knot since becoming engaged in December 2020, per The Shade Room. Since then, however, the two have welcomed two children.

This wouldn’t be the first time Rotimi sent social media into a frenzy. As The Shade Room previously reported, in July 2023, footage of B. Simone dancing on Rotimi at the Belize International Music and Food Festival went viral.

“It’s the dancing tho….You a husband”

In response, Vanessa Mdee took to social media to let fans know how she really felt about the moment.

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