Florida Man Dies After Setting Himself On Fire Outside Trump Trial

The Florida man who set himself on fire in New York City on Friday (April 19) has passed away. The incident occurred near the courthouse where Donald Trump’s hush money trial is taking place.

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ABC News reports the Florida resident, Maxwell Azzarello, died early on Saturday (April 20).

What Happened On The Day Of The Incident?

Eyewitnesses report, per ABC News, that on April 19 around 1:30 p.m., the protestor set himself on fire.

The man reportedly traveled from Florida to New York for the act. He threw pamphlets filled with accusations against the U.S. government before covering himself in lighter fluid in Collect Pond Park. He didn’t breach any security checkpoints to reach the park’s area.

Journalists, protestors, and onlookers were gathered in the vicinity in anticipation of development in Trump’s trial and later over the incident.

People reportedly screamed at the man’s body burned. Many law enforcement officers were in the area when the incident occurred. Some of the police and passer-byers ran to help the emblazed man.

Watch a reporter describe the scene in real time below. 

As previously reported, extinguishers were used to stop the flames. He was rushed to the hospital in critical condition but eventually succumbed to his injuries.

Man Lights Himself On Fire Outside Of New York Courthouse
(Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Trump’s trial was paused because of the incident but resumed once emergency crews transported the Florida man to a local hospital. He was in critical condition before passing away.

Trump’s court proceedings resumed shortly after. The former U.S. President is facing 34 felony counts of falsifying business records as part of a scheme to bury stories that could’ve potentially hurt his presidential campaign in 2016, per AP.

Roommates React To Florida Man’s Death

Under The Shade Room’s post about the incident, Roomies shared their thoughts about the man’s act.

@danni_nekole said, “Can’t nobody in this world make me hate or love them that much to set myself on fire.”

@babylianna said, “IK mental health is real, I suffer from it .. but the last thing imma do is light myself on fire. I’m sorry.”

@s.nshay said, “I need a back story cause wtf.”

“3 people have set themselves on fire in America in the past few months in an act of extreme protest too wake us up from brainwashing. Something is deeply wrong with this country and the comments here are deeply disturbing. But I’m not surprised,” @christinwawira wrote.

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