Gypsy Rose’s Estranged Husband Blindsided By Split

Gypsy Rose‘s estranged husband, Ryan Anderson, admits he was blindsided by their break-up.

According to the Daily Mail, he was unaware that she had “strong feelings” for her ex-fiancé, Ken Urker.

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What Gypsy Rose’s Estranged Husband Said

Ryan confirmed his separation from Gypsy to the publication and stated their split was a shock.

“I’m not doing well with it. For me, it just came out of the blue. I had no idea she still had such strong feelings for him,” he reportedly said.

As previously reported, Rose was spotted with her ex, Ken Urker, just days after she announced her break-up from Ryan. The two were allegedly galavanting around New Orleans, visiting the French Quarter, and copping matching husky tattoos. They first connected in 2018 when Ken penned her a letter. She and Urker got engaged in 2019 but by 2020 broke off the engagement.

She married Ryan Anderson in July 2022. On March 28, she announced her separation from Ryan in a private Facebook post that PEOPLE obtained.

He told Daily Mail that they have had no contact since she moved out of their marital home. The 32-year-old is reportedly living with her father and stepmother in Cut Off, Louisiana.

“I haven’t spoke to her, so I just don’t know what’s going on,” he shared. “I’m at a loss. I’m really not doing well at all.”

In a TikTok video on his new account, Ryan stated, “Y’all will see what happened on Lifetime. We were filming a lot. Stay tuned for that.” 


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Since The Separation From Anderson

Although Gyspy and Ken appear to have rekindled an old flame, a source allegedly told TMZ that they are just friends. Gypsy is reportedly focused on herself.

Gypsy announced that she was ditching her social media apps in March, describing it as a “doorway to hell.”

Most recently, she shared plans to undergo cosmetic surgery “to change the shape and appearance of her nose.”

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