Jasmin Brown Welcomes First Child With Cam Newton (Videos)

Aww! Roommates, congratulations are in order for Jasmin Brown and Cam Newton! The couple recently welcomed their first child together — an update to their pregnancy that Jasmin revealed via her Instagram Story on Wednesday, March 6.

Jasmin Jokes About Matching Diapers With Her Baby

It’s unclear when exactly Jasmin gave birth, but the content she shared via her Instagram Story indicates it could’ve been within the last week or so. That’s because Brown flexed her hospital shorts and diaper — typically worn for about a week after birth. She told followers the diaper is “annoying” because she prefers to “wear a thong.”

In another clip, the mother of one shared a video of her baby fussing and crying. She joked that her baby doesn’t want her “to wear no thong” but a diaper.

Watch the interaction below.

While Jasmin is online telling jokey jokes, Cam Newton hasn’t acknowledged his newborn on his social platforms. Most recently, he took accountability for his part in a February brawl with two TopShelf Performance coaches.

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Jasmin & Cam Newton’s Pregnancy Received Mixed Reactions

As previously reported, Jasmin revealed she was expecting in October 2023. The reactions online to her life update were mixed, given her previous comments about having a child with someone who has multiple kids with multiple women.

Newton, as you might know, is already a father to seven children. His child with Jasmin Brown marks baby number eight. He previously welcomed five biological children with Kia Proctor and La Reina Shaw, respectively. But he also adopted each of the women’s children from separate relationships as his own.

Since revealing the news, though, Jasmin has used comedy to swerve the side-eyes and negative comments. In December, Jasmin joked about being Cam Newton’s third co-parent during her comedy tour ‘Baby Momma 3: Third Times A Charm.’ That same month, she addressed the backlash she received over telling the baby mama jokes.

“I don’t read into that sh**,” she said. “You know what I’m doing? I just had dinner with my man and my bonus children […] You know what else I’m doing? About to get ice cream with my man and my bonus children,” she said at the time.

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