Jay Cinco Talks New Music And Past Relationships (Exclusive)

Being in the spotlight can be hard, especially when you are still navigating the pathway of life in front of millions of people. For Jay Cinco, making it out the streets of Compton has been a far from easy journey. In the span of two years, he’s dealt with getting shot, mourning the death of his best friend, and break up drama with his first true love. 

Despite his struggles, the 22-year-old independent artist finds comfort in his music & God’s guidance, while overcoming hardships on the road to success. As his music climbs the charts, Cinco has also managed to make his mark as a viral influencer.

Recently, Jay Cinco stepped into The Shade Room for an exclusive interview with The Shade Room Teens’, Tiara B., to reflect on past relationships, his new project and more.

Jay Cinco Opens Up About God’s Help During Mental Health Battle

Tiara B.: First, I just want to know how you have been? From going viral to trending on Twitter, how are you adjusting to all the attention?

Jay Cinco: I’ve been good, you know! I’ve been blessed for real. Just trying to make everything make sense, focus and lock in.

TB: I know, it can be hard, especially when you’re learning life in front millions of people.

Cinco: I have seen the internet hate on me so bad. Even before everything transpired for real, I had comments saying I was a bad person. I try not to read the comments even though they mess with me sometimes. For the most part, as long as the people that I posted understood the message it’s doing more good than bad. I just learned it’s just really just trolls, just people who want to of f** up my day, so I just look past it.

TB: Since your breakup with Brooklyn Frost, how has the experience been being able to step on different channels and link up with new people?

Cinco: It’s just been a blessing honestly. Even financially, I’ve made more money in the past two months. God just blessed me because at times, I felt like my limit was her [Brooklyn Frost] and her family, there were times where they made it seem like I wouldn’t be bigger without them. They always let me know that. Now it’s just like, the tables completely turned and now I’m just flourishing. It’s been a blessing.

TB: You have been really open about the breakup with Brooklyn and losing family members. How did these situations impact your mental health? And did you ever struggle with depression along the way?

Cinco: Everything I’ve been going through I really just changed my outlook. I’ve been getting closer to God and feel like it just opened me up to a different view. I’m still going through a lot. Let’s say, one of my friends passed away, I used to be like, damn and I just grieve hard. But now it’s like, let’s say, God forbid, one of my friends did pass, I just look at it from a different view especially when my best friend passed.

Everybody’s story isn’t pretty. I had to go through that to gain strength and the confidence that I got now to go for him probably wouldn’t have that hunger in me if he didn’t, you know. If I got to cry, you know, I cry and I just let it out. I just try to be strong, especially now after everything. I’m not going to go on the internet and speak on stuff now. I just tend to just ignore everything and just take it to the chin now.

TB: I love that quote for you. I know you’ve been open about starting your healing journey, how has that been?

Cinco: It’s been good! Sometimes it comes with a little bit of challenge, but for the most part, I just look at the good. I feel like it’s been better than bad. I’ve been letting it out in the music. I’ve just been focusing on my projects and trying to channel all my emotions into the songs that I’ve been putting out.”

TB: I was listening to your project, I can tell you had to overcome a lot in life. So, what would you tell your fans who are currently going through similar struggles you’ve faced in the past?

Cinco: I just tell them, just keep going! Sometimes you don’t know where you’re headed, but you got to trust that God is not going to lead you into the fire. You got to understand he got to plan and whatever he puts in your way, you just know you’re going to come out stronger. Just trust God!

Jay Cinco Clears The Air Following Break up With Brooklyn Frost

Tiara B.: While being in the spotlight, a lot has unfolded on the internet, especially after your past relationship. So for the people who don’t know, when and how did you meet Brooklyn Frost?

Jay Cinco: She had DM and sent me one of my songs letting me know that I was hard.

TB: Aww y’all was real cute! So, what made you like her and how did you fall in love with her? 

Cinco: What made me start liking her it was a lot for real, I never had a girlfriend, so this was like my first relationship, and everything was just nice. I felt like I fit into her family very well. We all bonded very well. So, it was good when you first met them. It was fun and nothing but vibes. So, it was a fun position to be in.

TB: Okay, so being on and off for almost two years. What made you stay in a relationship with Brooklyn?

Cinco: Being that this was my first relationship, I loved really hard. I don’t know if you know what “The Angel Effect” is, but it’s when you put somebody on a pedestal. In reality, I really didn’t see her doing any wrong even when she was wrong. I appreciated the ground she walked on. So, it was like, anytime she wanted me I just, I just stayed because I just felt like she was the one, and then she was there when my best friend passed, it was just a lot like holding on to her. I kind of felt like if we broke up, my best friend would have been for no reason because I chose her over him.

TB: I have that similar issue, loving someone for the person I met and not who they became. So, what was the turning point and how did everything go left with your relationship with Brooklyn Frost?

Cinco: I felt like it started going left when she just got too comfortable with me. As far as disrespecting me and just not treating me correctly. I felt like she was disrespecting me a lot. Me being the person I am like how nice I am and just letting it slide. It just became too easy to where she could just feel like she can do whatever she wants to do and then come back to me like everything was okay. I always took her back.

Did Jay Cinco And Brooklyn Frost Get Into A Physical Altercation?

Tiara B.: The whole net literally watched you two go back and forth. From abuse allegations to cheating claims, even claims on having a baby on the way. Brooklyn is still standing 10 toes that she didn’t cheat. How do you take that?

Jay Cinco: At the end of the day, she say she didn’t f*** Dylan, but I mean we both literally know the truth. I can understand why she trying to do this and protect her image or whatever. But I mean, this is something we know. We have messages sent talking about the situation. She knows the real so it’s like, once she denied the Dylan thing, I kind of was like okay, and left the situation alone. I just felt like I don’t know what you’re getting at anymore. I feel like you know if you gone tell the truth, tell the truth.

TB: Brooklyn has also been very vocal about her abortion. Were you’re ready to be a dad?

Cinco: I mean, me as a person, feel like if I was going to have a kid. I mean we were like that was actually a thing. When I was in New York, she was pregnant for sure. I was happy and she told me that the reason why she even held on to the baby for so long as far as being pregnant was because she knew that I was happy about it. She saw how happy I was. For me I’m going to take care of my responsibilities no matter if it’s bad or good. You know, I’m going to own up to what I’ve done. I was ready to be a father to be honest. I feel like if that’s what’s written I don’t mind stepping up to the plate.

TB: Now, is there anything you want to clear up about those rumors or addressing anything?

Cinco: I feel like everybody already know that I didn’t do it. If some people think I did, that’s on them. I don’t really feel the need to keep going on about it because the situation is over and I’m doing way better now. I haven’t been you know focused on it. Everybody knows I didn’t hit her. You know when somebody’s hitting on you. That come with reports and even when she posted the messages saying that I locked her in the car. You not even showing who’s sending these messages. You and your friends making fake messages. Then her taking pride in doing these things. It’s like come on bro.

It’s like I don’t even know what you are getting at anymore. But I ain’t hit her. Even if certain pranks like, she did a prank hitting my sister. If I genuinely hit you behind cameras, you wouldn’t even play like that, you would see in your face you’ll get scared sometimes. But it’s like you just know, just the type of person I am, you can see how I am with other people. I’ve always been a very nice person.

Even in videos back then, your mom always says I’m a nice person. Everybody said I’m the most genuine person and I’m this nice person. So, it’s like now that we break up, you can’t try to slander my image and say I’m not a nice person and I’m this abuser. Nobody in your family is even agreeing with you and you’re the only one saying this. Everybody knows I’m not doing that.

Cinco Reflects On His Past Relationship With Brooklyn

Tiara B.: Behind the scenes, do you feel like you contributed to the relationship going bad?

Cinco: I mean, yeah, of course! No one’s perfect and feel like when you’re in a toxic relationship and when somebody creates bad habits that rubs off on you for sure. I feel like maybe at times I wasn’t being as open as I could, and it probably created frustration in the relationship. So, I feel like yeah, of course, I contributed but I never blamed her for the relationship going bad. I just spoke up on the abuse. At the end of the day, we are people, and everybody doesn’t have a perfect relationship, and everybody argues.

TB: I definitely can see that despite things going left ,still wanting best for them. How would you describe your mindset now, versus your mindset after the breakup?

Cinco: Damn like a big difference! After the breakup I wasn’t eating, couldn’t stop crying, it was bad. I would be with my manager just sitting there crying, I didn’t see, and I didn’t know where God was leading me. I was just so lost. When I was walking my dog a little while ago, I was just thinking like man, God. The things I thought weren’t possible and the things that couldn’t happen it’s like he just made it happen out of nowhere.

So now my mindset right now is just I’m so locked in, I’m so focused, and I’m doing way better for myself! All the plans that I was praying on, it’s like, it’s coming to reality right now. I’m just grateful, like my mindset right now and I’m just focused. I am not worried about relationships. Just trying to move my mom out to be honest.

TB: So true! When you trust in God it’s like the things that you feel like you can’t heal from, He’s already fixing it while you are struggling. While we ‘re wondering what’s going on? God is putting it all into motion for us to move forward. What do you feel helped you heal from your breakup?

Cinco: Acceptance! Acceptance was a big thing in my healing journey. Just accepting what went on and taking it for what it is and just continue to move on. I continued to move past it because a lot of times I wouldn’t accept stuff and make excuses for people. Anything that comes in my way now, I just accept it, take it for what it is, and I just move on past it. So, acceptance, for sure. I’ve listened to a lot of sermons on YouTube, and I feel like that, working out and the people around me.

I used to hang out with this person who did me wrong, but I’ll hang out with them because they’ll get me out of the house, and I need that. Now I am just like, man I don’t need to get out of the house because I don’t want that person around me. So definitely the company I keep. I’m keeping a very small circle and only positive people. So, acceptance, God, and the company I keep has been a big role in my healing journey.

Can He Ever Forgive Brooklyn?

Tiara B.: I love that for you! So, with acceptance, do you feel like you can ever forgive Brooklyn for what she did in y’all relationship?

Jay Cinco: Believing in God you got to forgive people, but definitely won’t forget how I was done and what tried to be put upon me. She is doing her thing and I’m just staying away. Just not at my table and I’m just trying to just stay on my own.

TB: Looking back at everything you’ve been through, do you feel like she really loved you?

Cinco: Yeah. Yeah, but I just feel like she probably ain’t love me how I loved her though.

TB: Do you miss her still?

Cinco: I miss how I used to feel, but I don’t miss her.

TB: Understandable! Are you still cool with any members of the Frost family?

Cinco: I just spoke to Deshae like the day before yesterday. So, we cool, at first it was like a misunderstanding. It was a misunderstanding at first because I thought we weren’t cool after certain things. He explained to me what happened behind the scenes as far as to what & who made him do that.

We talked and he just told me whatever you have going on with my sister, out of my respect for you because of how genuine you are I don’t speak negatively about you on purpose. Whatever you got with her that’s between y’all. He wanted me to clear that up too because there was misunderstanding on the internet.

TB: Okay cool! In the midst of your name being dragged, do you wish her family spoke out more in defending your name?

Cinco: Yeah! At first, I did, but at the end of the day I understand I’m a real understanding person and. I understand what they were trying to do as far as standing beside her. As far as what she was going through with the internet as a family member you got no choice but to stick beside them. I didn’t take it personally… As long as I know the truth, and they know the truth — that’s all I needed.

I could have taken everything I said on live, and just made a video to make money. I could’ve had the highest paying month ever, but it was like that wasn’t my intention. My intention was just to clear my name. Once I cleared them allegations, once everybody knew, like okay she lying I left it alone and I ain’t no more videos about it. I went back to vlogging and went on about my day I didn’t really want to go viral, I just wanted to just clear my name.

TB: After all drama, you mentioned in your song ‘Better’ — “you wished you never met her”. Do you really mean that? Cause even though it was toxic and negative for y’all, positive blessings came out of that situation as well.

Cinco: Nah, I mean like everything does happen for a reason. Sometimes I do say to myself like I wish I never met her, but I feel like everything happens for a reason. This is what I mean when I said seeing stuff from a different perspective. Maybe she’s just put my life to give me the platform and everything that it came with. That’s just what God had to put me through to get to where I am. That’s how I kind of look at it in a way.

TB: Outside of all the ups and downs, what’s the biggest lesson you learn from your relationship with Brooklyn?

Cinco: Just to not put people on a pedestal and not to have too much faith in a person because when that person let you down you don’t really have nothing. After she left, it was just over. I didn’t have my own life at that time too. So, when she left every time, I felt like I had nothing. No matter what situation I’m in, I’m always going to do what’s best for me, I’m never going to try to satisfy somebody else.

 Jay Cinco Talks New Project, ‘Based On A True Story’ 

TB: I feel like you stand solid as Jay Cinco the rapper, and Cinco the influencer at the same time. So how do you navigate that and balance the two?

Cinco: Definitely hard! My manager just went off on me because I’m trying to focus on both. It definitely gets hard because it’s just me and him. He just came into the picture, and he’s definitely been making it easier. Just with his experience he’s been guiding me on how to maneuver through the rap stuff.

So, I tried to focus on YouTube stuff as far as going hard and grinding while staying in tune with my fans on that end. Patrick has been a big help on the rap end. I trying to balance everything and in a couple of months ago, it’s going to get way easier. So right now, I’m just it’s kind of hard a little bit, but you know, it isn’t nothing I’m not ready for it.

TB: Do you feel like sometimes the mess may affect your career as an artist?

Cinco: Nah. Any problems I faced it never really did anything to me, it’s just all about how I respond I can only hurt myself and I don’t feel like nobody else could damage my image. It’s all about who I am and if I if that’s true, you know it is what it is.

TB: While being vulnerable and expressing these problems in your music, what was your creative process while creating a project and how would you describe your sound?

Cinco: Everything I go through I just use it as fuel. I don’t even write like I literally just go to the studio and say how I feel. Certain beats bring out certain emotions. So, I would describe my sound as pain felt music. Any song I ever make I’m always going to talk about my story. Growing up I really went through a lot, and I never really talked to people. When I found music, it was the best outlet for me.

TB: I can tell. Listening to your project as I mentioned before you can hear the pain. As a listener you can tell that you’re not trying to force bars but tell your life story. Out of the 12 tracks, what’s your favorite one and why?

Cinco: My favorite track is ‘Better’. I also got this song ‘Secrets’ it’s on the project too. I let a lot out in that song. Even after the whole little allegation thing, most of my project songs are literally days after that. I really just love the beat and I love how float on a song.

TB: I know you’ve constantly talked about wanting to take care of your mom once you reach a level of success. What are your biggest dreams for the future? Or, what goals are you currently speaking to existence?

Cinco: I want to retire my mom and my grandma. My grandma and my mom run my grandpa’s business after he passed. So, I know they get tired. They do it out of love, for sure just to carry on the dream, but I definitely just want them sit down. I’ve seen them go through a lot and I just want them to just live the life that they deserve. Just be put up in a nice house, chilling, cooking whenever they want, and having to pay any bills.

TB: That’s so sweet! Being that this is your project, what message do you hope people get from your music?

Cinco: The message is really just not letting your environment define you and just my story for real. I have been through a lot and I’ve seen a lot. It’s so much stuff like coming from where I come from, but if I could do it the next person can. So just my story is just, you know, a kid coming from a bad place just succeeding giving the next kid hope.

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