Kai Cenat & Adin Ross Share Words For Joe Budden (WATCH)

Kai Cenat and Adin Ross are sharing words for Joe Budden following his recent remarks about streamers.

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Here’s What Kai Cenat Said To Joe Budden

During a recently released episode of the ‘Joe Budden Podcast,’ the rapper and his co-hosts spoke about Killer Mike sweeping the GRAMMYs for multiple awards in the rap category.

Amid the discussion, Budden played a clip of Kai Cenat reacting to Killer Mike’s accomplishment. The streamer appeared upset that Mike’s album, ‘Michael,’ won the Rap Album Of The Year over Travis Scott’s ‘UTOPIA’ and Metro Boomin’s ‘Heroes & Villians.’

“Everybody calm the f**k down, I don’t know who this is,” Cenat could be heard saying. “Hey brother, God bless you, congratulations. I don’t know who you are… [but] positivity out the window, who decided this motherf****r? Who the f**k decided this motherf****r?! Utopia?! Metro Boomin’?!”

In turn, Budden cut off the audio and called out the “lil streamer n****s,” explaining that they don’t “always run s**t.”

“Shut the f**k up! We don’t care about none of that lil’ streamy, mosh pit… whatever you n****s are doing over there!” he continued. “…I’m just so happy that the streamers… finally have a look-in-the-mirror moment and say, ‘Oh, it’s not about us’ — No! Adults are out!… Shut up for a change! I’m so sick of these n****s!”

Watch the NSFW comments below.

According to HipHopDX, Cenat responded to Budden comments during an evening stream on Wednesday, February 7. The 22-year-old shared with his own NSFW comments.

“Every single time somebody starts something, it don’t even be me, it be them,” he explained. “They talking about me, so let’s talk about them… w

hat we have here is a case of old n***a syndrome!… Stop talking about streaming n****s like we some lil’ n****s, bro. I could buy you my n***a. Do you understand that?”

Cenat admitted that he was wrong for not being aware of who Killer Mike was. However, that didn’t stop him from continuing to fire back at Budden.

 “I would buy you, do you understand that? You say it doesn’t come off as hating, but you always talking about me, bro,” he continued.

Watch his NSFW response below.

Here’s How Adin Ross Responded

According to HipHopDX, Adin Ross also replied to Joe Budden’s comments via his own stream. Like Cenat, Ross seemingly called Budden out for “hating” while comparing him to other rap OGs.

“Joe Budden, every time I see you or a clip of you, it’s just on some hating s**t. I’ma be honest, bro, I don’t know what you do. I can’t even name one Joe Budden song, respectfully,” he explained, per HipHopDX. “…Why can’t you be more like Rick Ross or Snoop Dogg, the OGs that are cool as f**k and show flowers to the young motherf*****s? You have no room to talk, no room to speak.”

Like Cenat, Ross also compared his wealth to Budden’s.

“Me and Kai are ten times richer than you will ever be, old man. We are more humble than you and we are nicer than you. You’re obviously a very salty old man,” he continued. “You have nothing going on for yourself, so you now try to hate on the young motherf*****s that are more successful than you.”

Watch Adin Ross’ NSFW comments below.

Joe Budden Has Recently Been Making Headlines

As The Shade Room previously reported, Budden has been making headlines this year since publicly speaking on Draya Michele’s rumored relationship with NBA player Jalen Green. Michele is 39 years old, while Green is 21.

During a recent podcast episode, Budden addressed rumors that Michele is pregnant with Green’s child. In turn, he seemingly accused her of taking advantage of a 21-year-old.

“We’re not talking about his choices as a 21-year-old whose brain is not fully developed. We’re talking about Draya, in her 40s, having a baby by the young man whose brain is not fully developed,” he explained.

A few weeks later, Budden came under criticism after having a heated exchange with one of his co-hosts regarding them allegedly having sexual relations with the same woman.

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