Kash Doll Reveals She’s Pregnant On Her 32nd Birthday (Photos)

Kash Doll welcomed her 32nd birthday publicly by announcing she’s pregnant! The rapper is expecting her second child with boyfriend Tracy T.

In a heartfelt caption accompanied by baby bump pictures, she opened up about her latest blessing. Kash also revealed that she’s two and done!

“It’s my birthday and God bless me with another one!!! This birthday is special bc I’m sharing it with my last child. So no drinks, no snatch waist, no outside but listen y’all I’m so grateful and blessed to be in the position I’m in. I wouldn’t trade my hand with no one!” 

Kash Doll’s pregnant-plus-birthday post included a video of her waking up in bed and pouring a glass of champagne with only her hands shown. Suddenly, the artist sits up and debuts her large baby bump while wearing a dandelion-yellow-colored bra and panty set.

See the announcement post below. 

More Details On Kash Doll Being Pregnant

In her hashtags, Kash Doll shared that she’s 27 weeks (about six months) pregnant and in her third trimester. She expects to give birth in June 2024.

As for the gender of her little one, she kept that secret under wraps. Instead, she added a hashtag that said, “Let’s pray it’s a girl.”

Kash is already mommy to a two-year-old son named Kashton with Tracy T. They welcomed him in January 2022 — less than a year after they began dating in March 2021.

To note, PEOPLE reports that outside of his kids with Kash Doll, Tracy T is also a father to two daughters and a son from previous relationships.

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Kash Doll told PEOPLE she learned she was pregnant in October while enjoying a birthday baecation with Tracy T. The rapper was trying to live it up in Turks & Caicos but kept throwing up and eventually took a pregnancy test that came out positive.

Tracy, who Kash says “loves” babies, was more than excited when she told him the news!

“I gave Tracy a bankroll of money for his birthday, and I clipped the pregnancy test on the back,” she told PEOPLE. “When he turned it over, he started smiling. I took a video of it. He was so happy.”

As for Kash Doll, she added that she’s most excited to extend her family and her legacy.

“What I am most excited about is just extending my family and having more offspring and leaving my legacy behind. I’m excited to teach them this thing called life.”

Congrats to Kash Doll & Tracy T on their new bundle of joy!

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