Kash Doll Teases Her Plans To Change Her Stage Name (Video)

As she prepares to welcome a baby girl, Kash Doll is teasing some other changes in her life — including one regarding her rap career.

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Kash Doll Teases Her Plans

Earlier this week, Kash Doll took to Instagram to share a reel. The video featured a clip from her March appearance on the ‘Way Up With Angela Yee’ radio show.

During her sit-down with Yee, Kash Doll explained that she hadn’t yet decided on the title of her upcoming album.

“I don’t know yet. I’m juggling between a few things,” she told Yee.

The rapper explained that she was considering naming the project, ‘The Last Doll.’ However, from there, she also teased her plans to drop the word “Doll” from her stage name,

“I think imma leave the Doll stuff alone,” she said. “I think Imma give it to my child — hopefully, it’s a girl. Imma go ahead and pass that down.”

The Rapper Explains Why She’s Seeking The Change & Shares An Update On Her Upcoming Album

Kash began to emphasize to Yee that she’s “grown.” In response, Yee asked Kash what she would change her stage name too.

“Keisha,” she replied. “I’m a grown woman with two kids. I don’t wanna be called a doll no more. And then, it’s so many dolls… It’s so much, and it’s like, every time — you know, shoutout to them. But it’s like every time my name is brought up, it’s like, ‘Who’s the best doll?’”

Kash went on to explain Doll is such a common stage name that it allows new rappers to automatically be compared to her.

“And I didn’t come in like Kash Minaj or… Cash Thee Stallion. I feel like that was my signature but it’s so many of them now and… Imma just let them have that. I’m just ready to move on.”

Furthermore, Kash captioned the video clip with a brief update on her upcoming project.

“Moved the album date will update later”

Check out the clip below.

The Rapper Is Also Making Changes As She Embarks On Another Journey

As The Shade Room previously reported, earlier this month, Kash Doll and her partner Tracy T held a gender reveal and learned that they are having a baby girl.

In March, Kash revealed her pregnancy to the world, per The Shade Room. However, months earlier, in December, the rapper revealed that she joined the subscription-based platform OnlyFans.

As The Shade Room previously reported, the platform is usually associated with X-rated content. However, the rapper explained that she wanted to “change the narrative” around the platform with her content.

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