Katt Williams Goes Viral Again For Conspiracy-Filled Interview

Katt Williams set social media on fire once again after his appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience. Fans couldn’t have predicted he would top his Club Shay Shay interview that now sits at 60 millions views, but this 3-hour+ discussion about government and Hollywood conspiracy theories could take the cake.

Specifically, the entertainer alleges that the moon was artificially created, Americans drink contaminated water and that beings can be created without parental DNA.

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The interview began with Rogan and Williams puff, puff, passing as they engaged in small talk, but the topics quickly shifted to more stimulating discussions. During the 3-hour convo, Williams also discussed religion, ancient civilizations’ planetary knowledge, overpopulation and the homelessness crisis.

Katt alleges the contaminating the drinking water with fluoride to reduce the size of the pineal gland. Rogan chimed in stating high levels of the mineral can have adverse effects on the body, including lowering one’s IQ.

Williams also told Rogan that he believes that sections of the moon were fake. He referred to the 1969 incident involving NASA intentionally crashing the Ascent Stage of the Lunar Module into the Moon. This resulted in it ringing “like a bell” for an hour.

Additionally, the comedian discussed the creation of living beings without the DNA of parents. He referenced the Smurfs cartoon.

He stated, “Everything is a formula.” and added the cartoon is “based on the idea that you can create a human without a mother and a father.”

Katt continued, “What two Smurfs do you think got together and had Smurfette? She was the only female. Gargamel made Smurfette.”

Williams added, “It’s spoken about in history.”

Katt also alleged that the government uses entertainment as a tool to push propaganda. In addition, he revisits actors wearing dresses as apart of a ritual with the deity, Baphomet.

Rogan was left speechless.

The controversial comic also discussed the creation of the pyramids. He claims advanced machinery formed the giant structures, not people.

There were some X, formerly known as Twitter, users who were not picking up what Katt was puttin’ down.

Someone tweeted, “Weed headz are hilarious.”

Someone else quipped, “Yall gassed him up for this now look.”

Others felt Katt was spot on with his knowledge and assessments.

One user tweeted, “One thing about Katt Williams, he thinks beneath the cerebral. The lies are on the surface. The truth is inside of self.”

Another added, “What he’s saying could very well be true. Engineer Chris Dunn had a similar theory. When you research the precision they were built it makes sense.”

Williams left no conspiracy theory unturned. The 52-year-old shared his views on the Annukai, a group of ancient Gods, and revisited his theories on the Illuminati.

Some fans say it was the weed, while others claim its wisdom. What do you think?

Check out the full interview below:


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