Keke Wyatt Says She’s Worried About Her Son Being Non-Verbal

Keke Wyatt has taken to Instagram to express her concerns that her youngest son could potentially be non-verbal.

The singer, who’s a mom of 11, says that her one-year-old, Ke’Zyah Jean will be two in the coming months.

Keke Wyatt Opens Up About Her Son’s Speech

Despite his upcoming birthday in May, Wyatt observes that Ke’Zyah has made no progress in communication.

The 41-year-old acknowledges that every child develops at their own pace, and some express themselves later than others. But Wyatt is putting her faith in God that there’ll be noticeable progress in the foreseeable future.

“He’ll be two in May, and – he can say Ma, but that’s about it,” she told her fans. “I have faith in God that whatever he wants to do, but, you know, as a mother of many, he would’ve been talking by now if he was going to be verbal.”

Wyatt openly admits that Ke’Zyah’s lack of communication at this current stage worries her.

She compared Ke’Zyah’s situation to her other children, who seemingly didn’t take as long to speak, yet she remains hopeful that there’ll be other ways in which he can express himself as he gets older.

The ‘Who Knew’ artist proceeded to hold her son up over the bed as she attempted to get him to stand on his two feet.

But Ke’Zyah drops straight to his knees as Wyatt makes another attempt, much to no avail. “He doesn’t really stand… but his legs — he has very strong legs. He kicks the f*** out of me.”

It’s Been A Tough Journey For Keke And Her Husband

Wyatt isn’t all that surprised to see Ke’Zyah struggle to express himself, considering she previously shared that doctors diagnosed her son with trisomy 33.

When a child has an additional 13th chromosome, the genetic disorder occurs, often leading to an intellectual disability and physical abnormalities.

Doctors had determined this before Ke’Zyah was even born, prompting them to suggest she terminate the pregnancy.

But in a heartfelt post shared to Instagram in June 2022, Wyatt said that despite unsettlign news, she and husband Zackariah Darring were against the idea.

“Most of you are familiar with the challenges I faced during this pregnancy,” she wrote. “My husband & I made the decision not to accept the Medical Specialist’s suggestion to terminate our baby early despite the positive trisomy 13 test results.”

Wyatt added that despite the health complications she was made aware of prior to Ke’Zyah’s arrival, she and Darring prayed about it.

“I can’t stress enough to all mothers & couples, when the Dr gives you life changing information about your unborn child …. pray about it, use faith & follow your spirit before making ANY final decision. We believed the report of the Lord and after holding our beautiful healthy baby boy Ke’Zyah & looking into his eyes, I’m glad we did.”

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