See Brian McKnight’s Spicy Reaction To Comment About His Kids

It seems like Brian McKnight and his biological kids are still keeping their distance from each other. This week, the singer-songwriter shared a spicy reaction to a recent comment asking about his “other” kids.

Now, social media users are speculating if he meant to address his adult children as perpetrators of “evil” and “negativity.” Less than a week ago, Brian McKnight announced his plans to respond to comments on his Instagram page on a weekly basis. At the time, he responded to two comments addressing his biological children.

Here’s What Brian McKnight Said

Four weeks ago, IG user @carljackson commented on Brian’s post showing a home he built for his wife and their blended family. The user addressed people who constantly mention Brian’s “other kids,” meaning his four biological ones.

@carljackson claimed that “nothing makes people more angered than a man who has found peace with another woman that shows love and affection and peace.” He ended his comment by saying, “Blood ain’t thicker than love.”

In a response video, Mcknight said @carljackson “gets it.”

“In order to live a life you love, you have to get rid of the evil and the negativity, even if that evil and negativity is related. We want everyone to live a life that you love. Our hashtag that’s what it means, #ILoveOurLife, but in order to do that you have to get rid of all that evil and negativity. There’s so many angry, and upset and negative people out there. We want to use our platform as a place of positivity. A positivity platform. So hopefully, who knows maybe next week, I’ll only respond to positive comments,” Brian said with a slow-motion wink. “We’ll see.”

Swipe below to see everything the IG user said.


What’s The Beef Between Brian & His Biological Kids?

For context, before his current marriage to Lelani, Brian Mcknight had four children. He welcomed Brian Jr. and Niko with songwriter Julie McKnight, Briana with Patricia Driver, and Clyde with a woman unknown to the public.

After marrying Lelani in 2017, the singer embraced her biological children, Juila and Jack, as his own. They welcomed their second son together, Brian Kainoa Makoa McKnight Jr, last year following the death of their first son, Kekoa Matteo.

Last year, the singer went viral a few times for the “mutual” beef with his biological kids. In May, he explained that he “never abandoned anyone” and that their “estrangement was mutual.” He added that he only posts the children he does “have relationships with” and whom he is also “proud of.”

Most recently, in October, his eldest son reacted online when Brian legally changed his name to match his infants. The change meant that his eldest, Brian Jr., no longer has a senior to match his name.

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In one of his weekly reply videos, Brian McKnight took the estrangement a step further when he denied having more than one daughter. He acknowledged Julia alone as his daughter when someone questioned how his biological daughter Briana would feel about his social media posts.

“Here’s another somebody asking about my one and only daughter Julia,” Brian said. “Julia understands the scriptures, Exodus 20:12, ‘Honor thy father and mother…’ see she honors us and in turn, we honor her because she knows how proud of her we are.”

Watch his full comments on Julia here

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