Kenya Moore Alleges Marc Daly Has A Fiancée Amid Their Divorce

Kenya Moore recently spilled a lil’ tea about Marc Daly during a sit-down with ‘The Breakfast Club.’ The ‘RHOA’ star confirmed their divorce is finalized and awaiting a judge’s signature. However, she also alleges her estranged husband already has a new fiancée.

Kenya Moore Says She Has Custody Of Daughter Brooklyn

This is the second time Kenya has spoken about Marc in the last week on a morning show. During an appearance on the ‘Big Tigger Morning Show,’ Moore alleged that Daly hasn’t been slacking on his co-parenting duties. More specifically, she said there have been “very few” visitations from the father of their five-year-old daughter, Brooklyn.

With that in mind, Moore revealed on ‘The Breakfast Club’ that the judge awarded her sole custody of Brooklyn. Kenya agreed when Charlamagne Tha God suggested that “it sounds” like Marc didn’t want to let her go.

“It was that. He wanted his marriage. People see and say a lot of crazy things on TV. At the end of the day, that man would not sign those papers because if you want somebody to leave, y’all don’t have anything together, why are you sitting here fighting? I’m not arguing with you about child support. What else is there?” 

Charlamagne followed up, asking why Marc wouldn’t just “admit that” to her. The reality TV star confirmed Daly had expressed that but wasn’t doing the work to back up his statement.

“He did, he did before. And I was just like, at some point, it’s too toxic. They’re not doing the work. To me, he needed to go to therapy, and then we needed to go together.” 

Their initial split went down in 2019. Then, Kenya revealed in 2020 that Marc shared his desire to work on their marriage. He was being “really sweet and caring and thoughtful.” However, that didn’t last too long.

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Eventually, Kenya says, she decided she was “okay” without Marc, given his alleged lack of “doing the work.”

Kenya Says Marc Daly Is Already Engaged

Charlamagne asked the TV star whether she’d consider working on the marriage now if Marc asked. But Kenya revealed that’s impossible because he’s allegedly already moved on.

“Oh well, apparently, he has a fiancée now, so I don’t know,” she said laughing.

Moore didn’t share the identity of this alleged fiancée. However, she did confirm the woman is “not Black.”

So, how does she feel about him having a non-Black finacée? 

“I don’t really care what she is. Good luck to her. I wish you well. It’s not my problem anymore. Please judge hurry up and sign my papers.” 

Moore also doubled down on her ‘Bigger Tigger’ show comments. She alleged that Marc hadn’t seen Brooklyn since March 2023. Meanwhile, Moore held a lavish birthday bash to celebrate their daughter’s fifth birthday in November.

At this time, Daly has not publicly reacted to his estranged wife’s comments.

Swipe below to see Kenya’s comments.

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