Kountry Wayne Denies Ex-GF Jess Hilarious’ Marital Allegations

Kountry Wayne has made it pretty clear he wants Jess Hilarious to stop talking about their former relationship.

The comedian appeared on the latest episode of Shannen Sharpe‘s ‘Club Shay Shay’ on Wednesday (January 17). During their two-hour-long conversation, he addressed his ex’s claims of not knowing he was married when they started dating.

Kountry Wayne Calls Out Jess Hilarious In Interview

Wayne has stayed relatively quiet about his brief 2019 romance with the comedian. But it seems he has a problem with their relationship still being a hot topic in her interviews.

Yet, the real issue at heart appears to be the accusations against his character, which have consequently impacted his family’s life.

“Jess, like I always told her, she never tells the 100% truth, and I let her do that,” he said. “I text Jess the other day. I said, ‘Jess, man.’ I got kinda petty. I said, ‘You gotta get more going on in your career so they can stop bringing up my name.’”

The Georgia native emphasized that in her interviews, they usually ask Jess questions centered around her time with Wayne five years ago.

In contrast, when he’s doing interviews, he says he’s asked about current events in his career and personal life, suggesting that Jess seemingly couldn’t relate.

Or, perhaps she just has to work harder for people to stop asking her about him.

Whatever the case, if the intent was to make him look a certain way by pushing a supposed false narrative, Wayne wasn’t going to stand for it as he decided to clear his name.

“Don’t let the people fool you… they ain’t on your side,” he added. “It ain’t working. So, I’m just like, man, a lot of that – that she talk about, I let it slide. But, man, that stuff ain’t play out like that man.”

The 36-year-old recalled the mother of one of his children telling him that people at their child’s school began discussing some of the things Jess mentioned about Wayne.

For the well-being of their child, she urged him to speak to Jess to put an end to the ongoing discussions about her and Wayne once and for all.

The situation was devastating for a multitude of reasons. But now that it was affecting the kids, Wayne felt the need to say something – not just to Jess, but on a public platform.

The child’s mother spoke to Wayne about the situation, which he says prompted him to message his ex.

He hoped that by reaching out, she would understand how her words had created problems for his family, and that it was time to move on from talking about the ‘Holiday Heartbreaker’ actor.

“The kids are hearing it at school because she keeps bringing it up, and that’s the only reason made me hit her up.”

Jess Hilarious Allegedly Was Unaware Of Wayne’s Marriage

The ‘Wild ‘N Out’ star claimed that she didn’t know Wayne was married when their relationship started, per theJasmineBRAND.

She reiterated that statement during her appearance on Cam Newton‘s ‘Funky Friday’ podcast in December.

“That was the first relationship I was in where the guy put me on something like that,” she said. “One of the things I always told him while we were together, ‘You are very corny, but you are rich for a reason.’”

In correlation to that, back in 2022, Jess revealed that she found out about Wayne’s then-wife, Gena, while on vacation. She adamantly insisted that no one ever brought to her attention that she was dating a married man.

During her appearance on the ‘Talks & Tattoos’ podcast, she said:

“Third day in Puerto Rico, I wake up…[The] Shade Room…wife. And I’m like…you have a wife?” She said. “I just couldn’t respect it because now look what I’m going through. Now I wake up to being called a homewrecker.”

Jess also revealed that Kountry suggested her imminent retirement and expressed his preference for submissive women.

“This man looked me in my eye and told me our fourth month of dating, ‘you know you’re going to have to retire in like a few years right?’” she added.

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