Kyle Richards Joins Mauricio Umansky In Aspen After His Partying

‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ star Kyle Richards arrived in Aspen, Colorado, on Friday (December 23), just in time to spend Christmas with her estranged husband, Mauricio Umansky, and their kids.

The mother of three was flying in from Mexico, where she had been vacationing for about a week before making the flight to be with her family.

Interestingly enough, however, Richards, who has vehemently denied plans to divorce the real estate agent, was not wearing her wedding ring when photographers spotted her out and about near the Rocky Mountains, per Page Six.

Mauricio And Anitta’s Public Outing In Aspen

As The Shade Room previously reported, Umansky appeared to be having the time of his life on Thursday (December 22) when he linked up with Anitta for a fun-filled evening at a local bar in Aspen along with their mutual friends.

In one of the videos Umansky shared to his Instagram Story, he jumped on tables, danced shirtless, and threw champagne and wine at fellow party-goers. Anitta matched his energy, with another video showing the pop star letting her hair down as she turned up to her own music while showing off her moves on top of a counter.

Before clubbing together, Anitta also appeared on Umansky’s IG Story after she joined him and YouTuber Lele Pons for a fun-filled skiing trip. Richards’ estranged husband took photos of the ladies who posed for photos wearing nothing other than a towel!

Anitta’s friendship with Umansky has now added to the speculation surrounding his marriage to Richards and where the pair see themselves moving forward.

Can Aspen Save Their Marriage?

While the timing of Richards and Umansky’s reunion is interesting, Aspen can also be viewed as an apt location for a couple trying to navigate their way through a rough patch.

With Richards continuing to hold onto hope that her marriage hasn’t run its course yet, Aspen’s calm and private setting would certainly allow for some personal reflection and intimate discussions away from the public eye.

People considered Richards and Umansky as one of the most stable couples in Hollywood before their separation in July. Their relationship, as seen on ‘RHOBH,’ had withstood the test of time, and to see Richards without her wedding ring is certainly a departure from their usual public image.

The ring’s absence could possibly signify a new chapter in their relationship, although neither party has officially confirmed anything as yet.

Kyle Richards Touched On Her Separation From Mauricio Umansky

The usually poised composure of Richards evaporated the minute she was asked about her split from Umansky at Bravocon last month.


The BravoCon event provided a platform for Richards to openly discuss her personal life, a move that surprised many given her usual preference for privacy. As she opened up about her ongoing “divorce” with Umansky, the pain and anguish were obvious in her voice.

There was a deep sense of loss and heartbreak that echoed through the words she chose to describe their parting.

“All I know is we love each other. We still live under the same roof and we both want the best for each other,” Richards weepingly expressed. “I am so happy that it is amicable right now and I hope it stays that way,” noting that she and Umansky are “Just taking it a day at a time and putting our family first.”

“We love each other very much and we are family no matter what happens and have a very strong family unit,” Richards explained.

“My 3 girls still live at home… he was busy doing ‘Dancing With the Stars’ so he wasn’t around as much but we’re trying to figure it out. We know we love each other.”

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