Latto’s ‘SIMS’ Players Spark Debates About Her Dating 21 Savage

Over the weekend, Latto teased her fans about her mystery man’s continued infatuation with her! Now, they’re using another one of her posts as a visual hint of who her man could be, and 21 Savage is the leading contender.

Why Fans Think 21 Savage Is Latto’s Man

Latto recently shared a screenshot of her SIMS characters during a “home birth.” The female and male characters in the life simulation video game sat in an inflatable pool. The female’s features appeared to favor Latto’s skin tone and light blond hair.

Meanwhile, the male character appeared to have brown skin, chest and collarbone tattoos, and short braids. The character seemed to favor 21 Savage — a coincidence that X (formerly Twitter) users first pointed out.

As it started making its rounds, the post was seemingly removed from Latto’s Instagram Story.

As mentioned, Latto gagged X with her SIMS characters’ appearance. Keep scrolling for a peek at what folks are saying.

This is the second time in one weekend that Latto has hinted at her man. She’s kept his identity under wraps for years, teasing fans here and there with posts like the one above. In a post on Saturday, she bragged about her mystery man sending her a jet, implying that he still wants to be near her four years in.

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Her privacy surrounding her relationship hasn’t curved the innanet from looking. 21 Savage has long been the top option in the guessing game. In 2023, a photo of a red tattoo behind Latto’s ear went viral as it seemed to be 21 Savage’s first name.

A little less than a year later, a photo of a red tattoo behind 21 Savage’s ear also went viral. This time, fans speculated that it was Latto’s first name.

Talks of them being together remain controversial, as reports of his unconfirmed wife, Keyanna Joseph, appear every few months.

Speaking of 21 Savage, he recently shared his thoughts about his “brothers” Drake and Metro Boomin beefing. This appears to be Savage’s first time commenting since Metro and Future’s ‘Like That’ song featuring Kendrick Lamar brought their issues into the spotlight.

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