Lip Reader Shares What Kelly Rowland Allegedly Said In Argument

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The Lip Reader’s Assessment of Rowland

The viral video of the incident showed the 43-year-old shouting and pointing her finger at the woman. Social media has been speculating on what was said exactly.

Jacqui Press, an expert lip reader, stated after the security guard stepped on Kelly’s dress, she allegedly calmly said, “It’s okay.” 

The woman then made a comment that the lip reader could not decipher. However, Jacqui stated whatever she said set the Grammy winner off. Kelly’s mood completely shifted. She sternly responded, “Don’t talk to me like that.”

Press alleges that as the security guard continued to usher her up the stairs, Kelly repeated the phrase multiple times. A male security guard approached and seemingly asked what had happened. The female security guard continued to guide Kelly up the staircase.

The lip reader alleges the ‘Commander’ singer reached the top of the steps, turned around and said, “You still don’t talk to me like that!”

A woman walking with the entertainer, who seemed to be a member of her team, exchanged words with the security guard.

TikTok user and popular lip reader @itsmejackie narrated a video of the incident. Her take was a bit different from Press’, but the basics were the same. Jackie alleges Kelly said, “You are not my mother and you don’t talk to me like that.” Additionally, she alleges Kelly said, “I am not a child. Don’t talk to me like that,” before reaching the top of the stairs.


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Social Media Reacts To Kelly’s Cannes’ Incident

Social media seemed to agree with the lip readers’ assessments. Many X, formerly known as Twitter users, commented on the female security guard’s lack of professionalism.

@LucaGuadeanegro said, “I like to support workers at events like this but that ‘security’ should be fired… especially for visibly laughing to others at the end after continuously disrespecting that lady?”

@brattybettyjane added, “love that white man had to come put Le Karen in her place for her to listen to.”

“Even the other people were telling shawté to chill. Have some respect sheesh. Kelly at least look good af while mad,” @ladidaix added.

@LITTYLOHAN stated she felt as if Kelly was no longer tolerating the disrespect.

“First, the Today Show, now Cannes! Y’all better stop playing with Kelly before she turns,” she wrote.

Kelly Rowland is seemingly a peaceful queen, but sometimes you gotta remind people that you ain’t the one.

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