‘Love Is Blind’ Star Clay Gravesande Clarifies Ties To Celina Powell

Clay Gravesande recently claimed Celina Powell “used” him after social media reacted to their viral TikTok videos.

The ‘Love Is Blind’ star appeared on the ‘New Roy & Mal’ podcast and shared details about his ties with the online personality.

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Clay Gravesande Clarifies Dating Status With Celina

As previously reported by The Shade Room, social media gave him the side-eye when a video of the two exchanging kisses surfaced. People online assumed they were an item.

While speaking on the podcast, he admitted to filming the TikToks. However, Clay claims he never had any sexual relations with Powell and he clarified that they aren’t dating.

“I didn’t pipe though, bro. We did TikToks. We did TikToks,” Clay said. “Celina actually is a cool a** person bro. Like we was having conversations…we were talking about how to turn everything around.” He continued, “She was talking to me about the industry and what to expect. She came from the perspective of really just looking out.”

“It was really kinda innocent bro,” he claimed.

Swipe below to see what Clay said. 

Additionally, Clay said Celina shared a desire to be married. However, Gravesande said that he made it clear that he wasn’t her “guy for that.” He claims the alleged clout-chaser teased that she wanted Clay to be her “baby father.” It became their inside joke.

Clay Said He Was “Used” By Celina

Gravesande also claimed he didn’t know Powell’s history with celebrities.

“I really didn’t know the power of Celina and her toxicity,” he stated. “I got caught up in the storm,” Clay added.

After Rory said that Celina used Clay, the ‘Love Is Blind’ star agreed, saying, “She got me, she got me.”

“People thinking I’m dating her I’m not. People thinking I piped, I didn’t,” he reiterated. “I f***** up being on scene with her. I think people are mad that I’m close to her,” Clay shared.

Meanwhile, Celina Powell might have a different take on what happened between them. Earlier this week, she claimed on social media that Clay “was the problem” while sharing a photo of his ex-finacée, Amber Desiree. That came after she seemingly sent a message to Clay and his mother, who seemed to disapprove of their quality time!

Clay later apologized to his mother via social media. At this time, Powell hasn’t publicly reacted to Clay’s latest comments on their link-up.

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