MacKenzie Scott & Why Donates MILLIONS To Black Non-Profits

MacKenzie Scott walked away with a major bag after she divorced Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos in 2019. Scott reportedly left the union with a whopping $37 billion.

Since then, Scott has been making headlines for giving back “hundreds of millions” of dollars to Black non-profits nationwide.

Now, The Shade Room’s Justin Carter is delving into the reasons behind the billionaire’s commitment and its impact on the latest episode of ‘TSR News.’

One Non-Profit Founder Shares How She Landed A Major Donation From MacKenzie Scott

Cherie Craft, the founder of the non-profit “Smart from the Start,” spoke with Carter about the 90-second video she made detailing her organization to Scott years back.

“We are all way down here in the projects; they are not even gonna see us,” Craft told Carter, recalling her initial thoughts after submitting the video. “But then we didn’t hear anything for months and months and months, and I really had forgotten about it.”

Craft was unfortunately diagnosed with cancer. A few days before the Christmas holiday in 2023, she was preparing for surgery. At the time, she received an email.

“And I see this email, and I almost couldn’t believe my eyes — I dropped my phone,” she told Carter. “I started screaming. It says, ‘Congratulations, you have been selected for the Yield Open Call Award.”

Craft told Carter that she had to take a double look at her phone. She explained that she initially applied for a $1 million donation but actually received $2 million from Scott.

Here’s How The Donations Have Helped Cherie Craft’s Organization & Others

According to Carter, “Smart from the Start” offers early education services, social-emotional development, and enrichment programs to children of all ages. Additionally, the non-profit offers therapeutic mentorships and crisis management assistance to the children, their families, and their communities.

But Craft’s organization isn’t the only one to receive a whopping donation from Scott. Since her divorce, Scott has donated over $16.5 billion.

Watch as Carter speaks with another non-profit leader about the donation they received from Scott and how these efforts can make a notable impact.

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