Metro Boomin Performs In The Egyptian Great Pyramids Complex

Metro Boomin is movin’ on to royal tings after releasing his diss track ‘BBL Drizzy’ against Canadian rapper Drake.

According to TMZ, the renowned producer performed inside The Eygptian Great Pyramids complex on April 30.

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Performance At the Pyramids

Metro — born Leland Tyler Wayne — has fans across the world, including the Middle East. The beatmaker announced that he had an upcoming performance at the Pyramids on social media on April 2, Billboard reports. The ‘We Don’t Trust You’ producer tweeted, “In other news I’m doing a show at the Pyramids in Giza,” with head exploding emojis.

Additionally, he posted a poster to promote the show. The image showed the rapper standing in front of an image of the Sphinx and three pyramids. In Giza on April 30, the musician performed on a stage adjacent to the Great Pyramid. The Great Sphinx and the Pyramids of Khafre also sat nearby. Reportedly thousands were in attendance.

Not only did Mr. Boomin perform, but he reportedly met with officials at the royal Abdeen Palace in Cairo. Leland’s time in Egypt was documented by Billboard Arabia and Spotify.

He also had a little time for site seeing, sharing photos of his trip on X, formerly known as Twitter.


Metro’s Alleged Old Tweets Resurface

As Metro is living it up in the desert, Drake fans have dug up some of his old tweets seemingly in an attempt to defend him against Kendrick Lamar’s pedo accusations. XXL Magazine reports, the tweets posted decades ago imply that Metro has a thing for young girls.

“I’m tryna tell #oomf that age ain’t nothing but a number, “ a tweet from 2011 read.

A post from 2014 stated, “She might be young but she ready.”

“Got your lil sister on them mollies she done ran thru the whole squad,” a 2012 tweet said.

While Metro has not verified if the tweets are real, he did respond by stating that he was a teenager himself at the time.

“I can’t be a pedophile at 15 n****,” he stated in a now-deleted tweet.

As previously reported by The Shade Room, Metro caught a stray on Drake’s diss song for Kendrick Lamar on ‘Push Ups.’ The producer subsequently responded with a beat that mocked the rumor the Canadian rapper allegedly had plastic surgery. Drake fans seem to be looking for any angle to make OVO’s opps look bad, but young Metro is still getting lots of love.

@DJStylus tweeted, “Metro Boomin really going down in history as the genius behind the most brilliant, pettiest and farthest reaching clapback in popular music history.”

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