Metro Boomin’ Releases ‘Diss Beat’ In Response To Drake

Metro Boomin’ responded on social media and released a new beat to take shots at Drake after his ‘Push Ups’ diss.

Hot New Hip Hop reports, the producer took to SoundCloud to release a free beat and told his followers that he would gift a free beat to the spitter who writes the best verse.

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Metro Responds To Drake

Metro — born Leland Tyler Wayne — took shots from Drake on the track ‘Push Ups.’ The Canadian rapper wrote, “Metro, shut yo h** a** up and make some drums n****.” Social media was shocked that he bashed the beloved producer since he wasn’t an MC.

As previously reported by The Shade Room, after Kendrick Lamar released his diss record about Drake, the 30-year-old seemingly responded on Twitter, “Thank God for the day.”


Metro took to X, formerly known as Twitter, on May 5 to directly address Drizzy’s diss.

He wrote, “the drum thing was laughable so I let it slide but what we not gone do is spread lies and have my loved ones involved.”

“nobody ever hit my girl nigga we grew up together,” Metro explained with laughing emojis.

“she’s a real woman and not even in the industry but I guess #youwouldntknownunboutdatttt,” the ‘Annihilate’ producer wrote.

Additionally, Metro released an email to prove that Drake allegedly requested ‘Like That,’ by Future featuring Kenrick, be removed from radio.

“Now go make another song telling more lies cause we both know you can’t tell everyone why I don’t f*** wit u that wouldn’t be a good look either for u so imma spare us both wit that,” he wrote.

Metro Boomin’s Diss Beat

No one expected Metro to respond on a beat.

He took to Twitter to announce he was giving away a beat he produced, writing, “best verst over this gets a free beat. just upload your song and hashtag #bbldrizzybeatgiveaway”

The 70’s style soulful track repeats “BBL Drizzy” before singing,“I’m thicker than a Snicker. I’m thicker than a n****. Don’t act like you don’t know me.”

The lyrics continued, “Baby, it ain’t no mystery. “Got the best BBL in history. This cake will make you show up. I know you seen this glow up.”  

The beat then switches to a heavy Hip Hop beat and increases in tempo.

Where will this beef go next?

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