Nicki Minaj Is Reportedly Arrested By Police In Amsterdam

Nicki Minaj has been arrested by police in Amsterdam.

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Nicki Minaj Goes Live As Shares Arrested

On Saturday, May 25, Minaj took to Instagram Live after apparently arriving for a flight at the airport in Amsterdam, Netherlands. In a clip from the livestream, an officer can be heard accusing her of “carrying drugs.”

Minaj denied the claims. However, the officer appeared to instruct her to enter a police van.

In response, Minaj explained that she immediately needed a lawyer before abiding by their request. As the clip continues, the authorities apparently explain that they’ll help her to arrive at her show. However, they need her to currently comply with their request.

The clip concludes with Minaj entering the vehicle.

The Rapper Previously Spoke About Her International Tour Stop Being Sabotaged

Earlier on Saturday, Minaj took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to share footage, apparently taken after she’d arrived outside of the airport. In the clip, her driver explained that her luggage needed to be offloaded from the vehicle and searched.

In follow-up tweets, Minaj indirectly accused people of being paid “big money” to continuously try to sabotage her tour.

“They’re being paid big money to try to sabotage my tour b/c soooooo many ppl are mad that it’s this successful & they can’t eat off me. They got caught stealing money from my travel/jets. Got fired. Got mad. Etc,” she wrote in one tweet.

Minaj later added that she previously fired members of her team for pocketing money from her.

Amid her tweet, Minaj explained that authorities alleged they found weed in her bags. However, she explained that the pre-rolls belonged to her security. Ultimately, the rapper explained that the incident would delay her schedule in flying to Manchester, England.

Read her additional sentiments below.

This is a developing story. Please check back in with The Shade Room for more updates.

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