Ohio Women Allegedly Used Corpse To Withdraw Bank Money

Two Ohio women are now facing charges after being accused of using a corpse to withdraw money from a bank.

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Here’s What The Ohio Women Allegedly Did

According to Fox News, 80-year-old Douglas Layman resided at his home with 63-year-old Karen Casbohm and 55-year-old Loreen Bea Feralo. The women were reportedly unrelated to him.

The outlet reports that on Monday, March 4, the women arrived at the residence to find Layman deceased.

However, instead of calling the police, the women allegedly decided to take Layman’s corpse for a joyride.

Casbohm and Bea Feralo allegedly propped Layman’s body in the passenger seat of a car with help from a third unidentified suspect.

Then, they drove to his bank’s drive-thru window to withdraw $900.

According to Fox News, authorities explained that the women propped Layman’s body up so he could be in view of bank tellers. This was allegedly because the tellers previously allowed the women to withdraw money on the man’s behalf as long as he was in the car.

Things Got More Bizarre

However, the shocking series of events didn’t end there. The outlet adds that after the Ohio women made the withdrawal, they drove to Ashtabula County Medical Center.

Once there, Casbohm and Bea Feralo allegedly dropped Layman’s body off at the emergency room “without providing any information to the hospital.”

“They left without providing any information to the hospital. They just left him,” Ashtabula Police Chief Robert Stell told Fox News.

The outlet reports that burses were initially unable to identify Layman. However, a couple of hours later, one of the women called the hospital and provided his personal information.

More Details Regarding The Charges The Suspects Face

Ultimately, authorities arrived at Layman’s home and took the two women into custody on Wednesday, March 6. Both were reportedly charged with gross abuse of a corpse and theft.

Fox News adds that Layman’s cause of death is unknown. However, as authorities investigate, it’s possible the women could receive additional charges.

According to the outlet, Casbohm appeared for her arraignment last week and had her bond set at $5,000. Bea Feralo is scheduled to appear for her arraignment on Thursday, March 14.

If convicted, the outlet reports that the women could spend up to a year in prison on each of their charges.

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