Roda Osman Surrenders To Houston PD Amid Brick Case Charge

Roda Osman — unwillingly nicknamed ‘Brick Lady’ online — was reportedly briefly in police custody on Tuesday (Jan. 23). According to  KPRC Houston, the 33-year-old surrendered to Houston PD for a felony by deception charge.

Court documents reviewed by the outlet state Osman is free on a $10,000 bond with a surrendered passport. The Harris County District Attorney’s Office initially requested a $50,000 bail.

Her arraignment is reportedly on the books for March 5.

Here’s What Roda Claimed In Her Brick Story & What Houston Police Say Happened

As previously reported, Roda Osman went viral in September 2023. In a video, she accused several Black men in a public space of watching another man hit her in the face with a brick before fleeing the scene. Osman claimed she had rejected the man’s repeated advances before he allegedly attacked her.

The alleged incident moved folks to donate over $42,000 to Roda Osman on GoFundMe under the guise of medical expenses. But a charging document states the 33-year-old fabricated aspects of her story. Local surveillance footage reportedly showed Roda Osman with a friend, and the man she claimed attacked her.

In the video, she reportedly slaps the man first, before he retaliates by striking her back using “a water bottle in hand,” per KPRC.

Meanwhile, a friend in Roda’s company that night told cops she did not believe Roda was hit with a brick. However, it’s unclear if that’s the same female friend from the surveillance footage.

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Houston PD Waited Nearly A Week For Roda To Turn Herself In

Last Thursday, KPRC’s Bryce Newberry popularized the ‘Brick Lady’ nickname while claiming Roda failed to surrender to HPD as promised.

After Newberry’s report, Roda stepped into The Shade Room to reclaim her name and proclaim her innocence.

Osman also name-dropped the man she claims hit her in the face with a brick. However, Houston PD has not arrested anyone for her described assault. To note, their theft charge against her also seems to imply they have not been able to verify the brick attack happened.

In TSR’s comment section, Roda Osman wrote:

“My name is not Brick Lady. The abuse never stops. My name is Roda and I am the victim. I was harmed. I never harmed anyone. But ——— harmed me. Social media harmed me. Blogs harmed me. HPD has harmed me. I have been abused and revictimized nad now I’m being held to a level of scrubby that is dangerous to all.” 

Roda clarified that she was “not on the run,” as KPRC’s Bryce had reported. She added that “everyone” was “trying to extort” her for money. Osman also claimed to still be searching for “a proper lawyer to surrender with.”

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