Order To Film ‘RHOA’ In Simon Guobadia Home

Porsha Williams has reportedly filed an emergency order requesting permission to film ‘RHOA’ in the mansion she shares with Simon Guobadia.

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More Details About Porsha Williams’ Reported Emergency Order

According to RadarOnline, Williams filed the emergency order on Monday, May 20. Additionally, the ‘RHOA’ star is reportedly alleging that filming her time at the home is “vital to her ability to sustain her income and employment.”

Therefore, “there is no logical or rational reason” why Guobadia should prohibit her filming activities at the residence.

There is no logical or rational reason as to why Husband now seeks to prohibit Wife from filming at the marital residence, other than in an attempt to retaliate against Wife and intentionally restrict her ability to earn a living and expand her career,” her filing reportedly reads, per the outlet.

In addition, Williams alleged that due to Guobadia’s “aggressively litigious behavior,” the production company behind ‘RHOA’ informed her that they would “not proceed with filming” her for the show.

Therefore, this decision “directly impacts and impedes” Wiliams’ “ability to make a successful return” to the series. Additionally, it reportedly interferes with Williams’ ability to “fulfill her duties” as a cast member.

Furthermore, Williams noted that she believes Guobadia would like to “shield” her from disclosing private information about him while filming. She contended that she would be willing to refrain from recording the show in areas that are “personal” to her estranged husband.

However, Williams alleges that Guobadia is not budging on the matter despite her recently being granted “exclusive possession” of the mansion.

“To prevent Wife from filming her day-to-day activities and lifestyle in the residence to which she has exclusive possession, use, and occupancy is neither reasonable, nor fair to Wife, as it essentially restricts her ability to earn a living, and impedes her ability to provide a realistic view into her life, which is necessary and vital to be a successful reality TV personality,” the filing reportedly adds, per RadarOnline.

Simon Guobadia Previously Shared A Message About His “Homeless Kids”

Goubadia has yet to explicitly comment on his estranged wife’s reportedly emergency order. However, he took to Instagram on Tuesday, May 21, to share a post about his “homeless” children.

In the post, Guobadia wrote, “What About Simon’s Homeless Kids…”

Additionally, he shared a lengthy message about his children being “displaced.” However, Guobadia did not clarify if the mansion he shares with Williams is the residence where his kids were allegedly displaced.

“Seemingly, everyone wants to focus on everything but what’s important in a family; especially when it comes to children and co-parenting,” he wrote in part. “I have had joint physical custody of my kids for 5 years. Those boys are in my home 2 weeks out of the month. I also have visitation rights to my daughter who is 11 years old and lives in California; and last minute had to be diverted to Dubai for Spring Break. She was ultimately out of a home for 3 weeks during Spring break. All 3 kids currently displaced. I would like each and every one of you, especially those with kids, pray for me and my family. They deserve consideration as well.”

According to RadarOnline, in April, Guobadia had “remained in the marital house with his children” along with Williams.

Here’s What’s Happened In The Pair’s Divorce Thus Far

As The Shade Room previously reported, Williams filed for divorce from Guobadia in February. At the time, the pair had been married for about 15 months.

Initially, Guobadia appeared surprised by Williams’ actions and vowed not to stop loving her until their divorce was final, per The Shade Room. However, Williams appeared firm in her decision and publicly requested that Guobadia keep all his financial records.

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From there, Guobadia’s attitude appeared to switch up. Shortly after, he publicly flirted with a fitness instructor and criticized Williams’ emotional state. Then, in March, Guobadia accused his estranged wife of harassment before requesting a restraining order against her, per The Shade Room.

Most recently, Guobadia reportedly sent a cease and desist letter to the production company behind ‘RHOA.’

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